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Donald Trump to Headline Bitcoin 2024 Conference in Nashville

July 11, 2024

Former President Donald Trump has been confirmed as a keynote speaker at the upcoming Bitcoin 2024 conference set to take place in Nashville, Tennessee.

This news comes as a significant development for the event, known for its major industry announcements and influential speakers. The conference, which has previously been hosted in Miami, has established itself as a platform for groundbreaking news within the cryptocurrency space.

Bitcoin 2021, the inaugural conference, made headlines when El Salvador officially declared Bitcoin as legal tender. The subsequent Bitcoin 2022 and Bitcoin 2023 conferences continued the trend of notable moments, including a powerful speech by U.S. Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in support of the Bitcoin industry.

This year, the shift of the conference location from Miami to Nashville signifies its increasing prominence on the global stage. With two former U.S. Presidential candidates, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Donald Trump, slated to speak, Bitcoin 2024 is anticipated to be a pivotal event that could potentially impact the future trajectory of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency policies in the United States.

Donald Trump’s participation in the conference is especially noteworthy considering his recent engagements with the Bitcoin community. Earlier this year, Trump met with prominent U.S. Bitcoin miners, including representatives from CleanSpark, where he reiterated his support for Bitcoin mining both domestically and internationally. In a statement, Trump pledged to prioritize the development of Bitcoin and crypto initiatives in the United States and safeguard the rights of the nation’s 50 million crypto holders if re-elected as president.

As Trump embarks on his presidential campaign, his alignment with the Bitcoin industry stands in contrast to the position of his potential rival, President Joe Biden, who has shown less enthusiasm towards the cryptocurrency sector. While Biden’s participation in Bitcoin 2024 remains unconfirmed, the event could underscore the divergent approaches of the two candidates towards Bitcoin and its implications for U.S. policies.

For additional details on the Bitcoin 2024 conference and to secure a discounted ticket using a promotional code, interested individuals can visit the official event website. Bitcoin Magazine, a subsidiary of BTC Inc, the organizer of the largest Bitcoin conference, The Bitcoin Conference, will be overseeing the event.


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