8 Awesome Christmas Gifts For Your Employees

8 Awesome Christmas Gifts For Your Employees

It’s hard to believe that it’s gift-giving season once again. This year, give your employees something they can really use instead of yet another company logo t-shirt or a box of chocolates. Show your appreciation for all that they do day after day by thinking outside the gift-wrapped box and delivering something a little more unique. The gifts on this list are thoughtful, one of a kind, useful and are sure to leave a lasting memory.

#1. A Map Of The Stars
This gift from Twinkle In Time is truly one of a kind. Not only is it incredibly thoughtful and sentimental but it’s custom made for each recipient. Take an important date, such as your employee’s birthday, and use that and a location to create a custom star map. After adding a personal message and making a few aesthetic choices you will be mailed a one of a kind poster you can hang. You can choose a framed or unframed poster. If you hurry, you can take advantage of some great holiday sales on their website.

#2. A Pedometer For Office Health
Show your employees that you care about their health and wellbeing. You can start the new year off right with an office-wide health initiative that people can choose to participate in. Kick it off with a holiday gift that helps them track their steps easily with a wearable device. Did you know that you should be walking at least 10,000 steps per day? It’s easy to settle into a sedentary lifestyle when you spend 8 hours behind a desk. Pedometers are a great way to track and motivate a healthy fit lifestyle. Check out this list of affordable pedometers from Healthcare Weekly.

#3. Succulent Cube Decor From Lula’s Garden
Succulents are adorable tiny plants you can easily have decorating your cubicle and adding a little greenery to your surroundings. This cute trio of plants is an easy gift that will help calm and relax employees at their desks. Easy to maintain and care for, these “jewel gardens” are a perfect trendy gift for the office because they need little sunlight or water. It’s a proven fact that surrounding yourself with a little nature can help reduce stress and promote happiness. The three tiny plants come in modern pots with a pleasing look.

#4. A Glass Of Wine After Work
Custom mix-and-match boxes are all the rage and this customizable wine box is a great gift for employees. Try the Transitional Whites Vinebox Giftset. With a gift card, your employees can go to the Vinebox website and make their own selections. This way everyone gets exactly what they want. It’s a fun gift that offers a little R&R at the end of a long day at the office. A mixed box helps you try a little of everything and helps you become a wine expert among your family and friends.

#5. A Reusable Water Bottle That Gives Back
Staying hydrated is almost a full-time job in itself. You can encourage healthy habits without wasting a lot of plastic, paper or stylophone disposable cups at work. Buy all of your employees a fully insulated eco-friendly water bottle from Kool8. It keeps your water cold and your tea warm for hours and hours. It even comes with a built-in tea infuser. Hydration can help you stay focused, give you more energy and promote a healthy immune system. There are several color choices and they have a sleek, modern design. Want an added bonus? A percentage of each sale goes towards providing clean, safe drinking water to third world countries.

#6. The Gift Of Entertainment
Make sure your employee gets to spend some quality time with their significant other or family and friends with a movie ticket gift card from Fandango. They can see the movie of their choice at the location of their choice, what better gift can you ask for? The holidays can be fun yet stressful, invite the people you care about to a night out with their favorite celebrities. Choose a gift card amount you are comfortable with that will cover tickets for 2 to 4 people. Throw in enough money for popcorn and drinks for a full night-out experience.

#7. Organize The Office With A Large Calendar
Your employees and coworkers will appreciate you bringing a little organization into their lives with this brightly colored sleep desk calendar you can also mount to the wall. Large boxes and generous line heights will give you plenty of room to write in all your activities and deadlines. It runs through December 2020 and is made of thick paper to prevent bleed-through. You can get even more great ideas from this gift list put out by Cool Things Chicago. Office supplies, in general, make excellent gifts for employees. Having a space to plan, brainstorm, and organize their ideas will always be appreciated by business orientated people.

#8. An Avocado Slicer For The Kitchen
Although very popular, the yummy avocado can be a bit hard to handle. Many people have trouble peeling, pitting and slicing their avocados perfectly so they can get those perfect avocado toast Instagram posts! Now you can help them out with a hand little kitchen tool that does all the work for you. Check out this list of the best avocado slicers here by GiftWits.com. Slice and dice these healthy fats for toast, omelets, guacamole and more. Many tools have a two in one or three in one feature where they will help you start peeling, pop out the large seed, and make perfectly even slices with just a few simple gestures.

Don’t get stuck without a gift for your assistant, office manager or other employees this Christmas. These ideas will give you a great starting point to make great gift choices this year. The best part is, you can order them all online and avoid the crowds. Order soon and be known as the best gift-giver in the office!