AFL outlines media betting ban

AFL outlines media betting ban - 15th February 2016

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The Australian Football League (AFL) has announced the introduction of a new set of restrictions for accredited journalists and broadcasters who currently bet on games in the Australian rules competition.

From February 18, accredited media will not be able to place wagers on a game that they are attending for work purposes.

The AFL will introduce a five-hour blackout period for accredited media as soon as they enter the stadium, running from two hours before the game through to the final siren.

Working media will still be able to bet on the games that they are covering, but it must take place outside of the blackout period.

In a statement confirming the new restrictions, the AFL said there had been regular instances when media members “had been privy to sensitive team information once entering a venue, before the 90-minute cut-off period where clubs have to hand their final team sheets to the AFL”, thus giving them an advantage for betting.

“The ban has been introduced to help protect against the potential misuse of information gained by personnel working at a match,” the AFL added.

AFL and club personnel are already restricted from all types of betting on the competition.