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Joy's World - 7th July 2003

Channel 31 is predominantly oriented around ethnic or international communities, but Joy Hruby's, "Joy's World ", offers so much more than this.

In fact television need never be the same again, thanks to Joy's World, as seen weekly on Sundays via Channel 31 community television. This pot pouri of weekly talent is comprised entirely of volunteers.

"Joy's World", as it is affectionately named by "insiders", is produced at South's Football Club at Redfern, every Saturday from 11am to 3pm, and can be picked up by most televisions in the Sydney region on channel 31, one up from SBS channel 28, going live to air on Sunday mornings at 11am.

Who is Joy I hear you asking?

Apart from being the producer of the show, Joy has enjoyed an illustrious acting career in Australia; featuring in hit TV shows such as Home and Away, All Saints and even staring opposite Brian Brown at the start of his film career, in Love Letters from Teralba Road.

The show, (Joy's brainchild), has had an interesting history and a number of homes, including the McKell Building at Redfern, the lounge room of a technician at Leichhardt and now back to The South's Footy Club, in the appropriately named "Showbiz Room".

Regular guests on the program include the famous and not so famous. These include actors, writers, singers, community leaders, sports people, artists, motivators, and even the occasional talented friend of a television presenter, may get a run.

Additionally, valuable hands on experience is offered to television presenters, camera operators make-up artists and choreographers. In fact, every creative genre is represented on Joy's World.

Some staples of the program include the wonderful and inspiring opening by Joy, "In Depth" with George Sassis, Healthy Living, Money Matters, Wayne's World, and if a slightly more controversial slant is required, watch out for Greg Tingle's interviews. The interviews have included dozens of interesting guests over the past 2 years, and continue to do so.

Memories may be triggered for erstwhile audiences of shows such as Young Talent Time, Pot of Gold, Bandstand and Red Faces.

A breath of fresh air and opportunities await audience and contributors alike.

The atmosphere is very conducive to making lots of new friends and lasting relationships. Indeed, the audience buzzes in between takes, with jokes, drinks and sharing memories of old. Joy says, "this is what TV should be about". The community feeling that Around the World with Joy brings; is inspirational. Everyone is involved for all the right reasons.

It's also well known that many people have met the love of their life, whilst enjoying making TV at the studio. "It's like an unofficial dating club at times", a television presenter laughs.

At this stage, Rove McManus and Denton need not feel threatened. They have shown support, and have acknowledged the fact that community television provided them with invaluable experience in the past.

One need not look further than some of the highest rating and most popular shows on Australian television (according to OZTAM), to see the vehicle that Channel 31 provided for these successful personalities. Rove recently won a gold Logie and Andrew Denton has been wowing the audience with the acclaimed "Enough Rope" as seen on the ABC. Real experience needs to be gleaned at the coal face on television, and the likes of Rove and Denton are tangible proof that putting in the "hard yards" in community television, can indeed pay off.

So, before you knock it, remember that part of the charm of this slightly less polished version of "Opportunity Knocks", is that it offers a feast of entertainment that otherwise may not be shown on Australian television.

Involving oneself with this community magic has many advantages.

Joy says, "It's lot of fun making television so why not come along and join in the fun".

If you are interested to find out more, just "turn up" next Saturday morning to South's Football Club, and see for yourself.

*Joy Hruby has recently released her autobiography entitled The Dubbo Dazzlers and its official launch is on Wednesday 9th July 2003 at South Sydney Football Club, Redfern.

*The book launch was a huge success and special guests included Wally Green and Darren Gray (both over from England).


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