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Artists Featured Include: Human Statue Bodyart (Eva Rinaldi), Rob Schamberger (WWE resident artist), Nina Norden Art, Joe Vickers, Tony Rafty, John Shakespeare, David Rowe, Daryl Cagle (Cagle Cartoons), Ric Drasin, Madame Lash and the late Andy Warhol

Galleries featured include Art Gallery of New South Wales, MCA (Museum Of Contemporary Art), NG Gallery

Festivals and Exhibits include: Pop to Popism (Art Gallery of New South Wales)

Red Earth Arts Festival

State Library of New South Wales (Photos xxx), South Maroubra Art Festival

Greg Tingle Photography

Greg Tingle Photography Facebook

Media Man is primarily a media, publicity, advertising services, project management and talent management based company.

We have worked in and around the creative arts industry since 2007. Most of our corporate artwork projects of a bodyart, bodypainting and costuming nature were with acclaimed creative arts firm Human Statue Bodyart. We have expanded upon our involvement in the arts world, primarily in Australia, and have even launched our own photography division, well known for our beach culture photo art series. We have also interviewed a number of arts figures in Australia and abroad, and will continue to in our show of support for the world of art.

Art is currently not our main line of business (publicity, advertising and media management is), however we enjoy a deep love and appreciation for art, and we are excited at the prospect of further growing our creative arts side of the business while working and collaborating with the right mix of artists both in Australia and abroad.

So You Think You Can Dance (Creative: Human Statue Bodyart)


Red Earth Arts Festival. Western Australia. (Creative: Human Statue Bodyart)


Bondi Oprah. (Creative: Human Statue Bodyart)

Cricket Australia. 'Best Dressed) (Creative: Human Statue Bodyart)


Andy Warhol pop art themed bodypainting. (Creative: Human Statue Bodyart)


2Day FM (Creative: Human Statue Bodyart)


Smooth Chocolate Festival. The Rocks, Sydney, Australia (Creative: Human Statue Bodyart)


Andy Warhol pop art themed costuming and bodypainting. (Creative: Human Statue Bodyart)

Rolling Stone Covers

Mick Jagger human state model. (Creative: Human Statue Bodyart)

Adult Swim


Leo Burnett Australia: Tomorrow Never Comes (James Bond theme)

Photography by Greg Tingle. (Creative: Human Statue Bodyart)

Networking with Charles Billich (Billich Gallery)


Photography by Greg Tingle. Bondi Bubble App Launch Party

Nina Nordern Art

Photography by Greg Tingle. Bondi Bubble App Launch Party


Pop To Popism (Art Gallery of New South Wales)


(Creative: Human Statue Bodyart)


Eco recycling girl - The Sydney Morning Herald. (Creative: Human Statue Bodyart)


Ken Done

Light Up Alice by Kim Donald. Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia


Joe Vickers Art (surf art themes)


Art by Rob Schamberger

Hulk Hogan. Madison Square Garden. New York


Andre The Giant Has A Posse, by Shepard Fairey

Obey by Shepard Fairey

Secret Beach by Greg Tingle


Bondi Beach by Greg Tingle


Madame Tussauds


Toby Turtle and the Underwater Crew. Written & hand illustrated by Michelle Morgan

Snoop Creative. Based at Maroubra Beach, Sydney, Australia

Snoop Creative produced the latest version of Media Man business cards



Gretel Pinniger (Madame Lash) with some of her paintings from the 1960s. Photo: Martin Lange

Special thanks Martin Lange and The Daily Telegraph


Coffee / cafe themed art by illustrator and artist Megan Hess

Styled By Marvel


The late, great, Tony Rafty OAM


Advertising Agencies enjoying success working with Media Man agency for both ads and creative campaigns: Media Man Int and Media Man Australia online showcase

Video Production promotions and media campaigns via Media Man Int and Media Man Australia


Marvel: Creating The Cinematic Universe Lets Media Man Cosplay Superhero Characters Starlord And Captain America; One Time Is Not Enough, By Greg Tingle - 25th July 2017

Art for all tastes, in pictures; Uncensored

Leo Burnett Christmas Party At Australian National Maritime Museum; James Bond Themed Performers; Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia

Red Earth Arts Festival, Karratha, Western Australia, Gets Living Statues, Thanks To Human Statue Bodyart - Human Entertainment

Click Frenzy To Go Wild In 2014 - 29th October 2014

When I grow up I want to be a ... human statue

Photography: different things to different people

Tony Rafty: Caricaturist and Australian National Treasure



John Shakespeare, Illustrator and cartoonist: The Sydney Morning Herald - July 2017

Greg Tingle, Creative Artist, Model and Media and Communications Director - Human Statue Bodyart

Tony Rafty, Cartoonist, Caricaturist & Legendary War Correspondent & Artist - February 2003

Daryl Cagle - 7th June 2003



Rob Schamberger paints the legendary Kerry Von Erich!: WWE Canvas 2 Canvas

Click Frenzy photographs of Promopotomus; Costuming and casting by Human Statue Bodyart
- November 2014

Tilt Brush (Google)

Illustrations by David Rowe


The Australian: Arts

The Art Newspaper

Art Monthly Australia

Cagle Cartoons



Andy Warhol inspired art generated via the internet