Australian internet, advertising, publicity, exposure and media solutions via Media Man Int and Media Man Australian

Australian internet, advertising, publicity, exposure and media solutions via Media Man Int and Media Man Australia


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Why do some companies and individuals stand out from the pack and get noticed, whilst others remain invisible?

What are the benefits and advantages of being well known or even famous in the internet or new media space?

What can strong media, publicity, exposure et al do for you and your business?

These are good questions.

Did you know that many of the world's most successful companies and people can successful utilized smart media, advertising and publicity methodologies to become very successful and / or financially wealthy?

The right positive exposure can help reach a vast audience and can also help move a large amount of product and / or services locally, nationally or globally.

A vast and global market and audience equates volume. In volume comes profit margin x big numbers. It's mathematics.

Little wonder that the internet is here to stay, and that the new media helped break down barriers in the traditional news media business which was in many ways a monopoly or a dulopoly. Many readers will be familiar with the current dulopoly of sorts - Google and Facebook.

What will new Crypto currencies such as Bitcoin and Blockchain mean in all of this? Well, you can bet the house that you will be reading about it via news media, be it newspapers, online - actually both, and major television producers and programs will be running many a story. Think Nine's 60 Minutes, ABC's Australian Story, SBS Dateline, Ten's The Panel, Viceland et al.

The Media Man group has created, worked on, executed and even project managed many of Australia's leading media, adverting and publicity campaigns. Non-secret, if can you didn't know... many media stories do not actually carry the name of the journalist or media agency who created or ran the campaigns. Why? For one, the general public doesn't need to know.

Whether we like it or not, much of the news in Australia and globally is commercial in nature. Sometimes it is not instantly recognizable as such. Sure, there's serious and bad news, such as terrorism, violent crime, nature disasters and such, but where there's a celebrity and / or a product, more often than not there's a media agent or media company, big or small behind it. Even political news is also a version of advertising news. Why do you think that major Australian political parties have massive advertising budgets? They are spending money on advertising to buy exposure to try to get your attention, to deliver a message, to try to get your vote. It's not quite buying votes, but its a version of buying your time and attention. Join the dots. Now this adverting, exposure and publicity game is starting to make more sense right.

Are you a bit confused about how it all works? So were we when we crated our media company back in 2001. Fast forward to the present... we're still in business, and so are most of our clients and associates.

Contact us today so see how the Media Man group can assist you and your business.

Media Man 'Putting your name out there".

Some brands and people Media Man has worked with over the years (not the entire list by any means)


Messages On Hold

20th Century Fox

Marvel Entertainment

Paramount Pictures

Warner Bros.

AquaBotanical Beverages


Virgin Games

Virgin Unite

Virgin Australia

Bondi Icebergs Club



NextGen Gaming


Crown Resorts

Aussie Millions Poker Championship

The Star Entertainment


Aspers Casino


Vulcan's Pro Wrestling School


Australasian Wrestling Federation



Future Trends Group




Pancrase Wrestling


The Bucket List, Bondi Beach


CIO Australia


Human Statue Bodyart


Chalk Espresso Bar


Let's Go Surfing

Golden Breed




Australian Stunt Academy


Hilton Sydney Hotel. Zeta Bar, Marble Bar..

Leo Burnet Australia


The Didgeridoo Show Outback

Playboy Enterprises




MGM Resorts International



Ferrari Store



EB Games




Platinum HD


Merivale (Ivy, Coogee Pavilion, The Newport...)


Individuals include:

Mick Cutajar

Ric Drasin

Mark Visser

Lin Sutherland

Kym Illman

Hannah Fraser

and many more...