Australians and global citizens keen on free bets via online gaming entertainment

Australians and global citizens keen on free bets via online gaming entertainment


The world loves a punt, and Australians are no different - in fact, they remains some of the keenest punters on the planet.

Even on Anzac Day, a game of Two Up is almost mandatory, and is well entrenched in Australian culture.

Crown Casino, now entitled Crown Melbourne, is arguably Australia's most famous casino, but Lasseters Hotel and Casino, based in Australia's Outback at Alice Springs is a close second. The Treasury Hotel and Casino in Brisbane, Queensland, is also very well known and respected.

Recently a number of underground gambling dens in NSW and QLD were raided, so live gambling is alive and well down under, but the raids might further elevate the popularity of online wagering.

The internet has opened up betting opportunities for the world on a 24/7/365 basis, and all one has to do is register an account online, and away you go.

Land based and traditional casinos will always be part of the scene, however there is no disagreement about the popularity of online casino games.

Many brands are offering impressive casino games and one of the very best is bet365 You will find hundreds of games, and you can bet for free or bet for money.

Their sports betting offerings also also world class, and you should check out the 2018 FIFA World Cup section of their website. Their betting tips help punters make the right decisions as to who to put the smart money on.

Hopefully this year their won't be any sports betting scandals, but if there is, we're sure the news will appear across major news and sports news websites, so the punter can stay informed.

Don't forget, sports business is big business, and sports betting is one of the world's biggest and most lucrative sectors. Obliviously the punters want to outsmart the bookies and odds markets. Having the right information is key. Those that really love research might want to check out the history of gambling over with our friends at the world famous Wikipedia website, but don't forget to come back to place your bets.

Security is also a major aspect of the betting industry, so it makes good sense to deal with operators and brands you know you can trust. Media Man only deals with the best, and that's why your reading about our trusted associates right here.

The Media Man Group will be continuing to follow the Australia-wide and global trends on the industry, so stay tuned to our websites and social media channels.

As always, bet with your head, not over it. We could say, Bet Big, or Go Home, but the switched on gambler is smart enough to know when to cash in, or when to walk away. Always enjoy your gambling, be it online or other. See you at the tables or at the sports ground punters.