Battle Championship Wrestling: BCW33 Review

Battle Championship Wrestling: BCW33 Review - 31st August 2019

Moore Park, Sydney, Australia


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By Greg Tingle

Battle Championship Wrestling delivered a world class pro wrestling event at Max Watt's, Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park, Sydney, last night.

By nature, pro wrestling is extremely subjective by nature. There was no way I was going to miss the main event of BCW33 which was Ken Shamrock vs Dan 'The Beast' Severn. In over 4 decades of been a fan and follower of pro wrestling this stood out, and just a few suburbs down the road from my coastal pad.

My expectations of the main event were pretty high, and both men exceeded the great match I expected. This was performance art of the highest caliber. You are talking a hybrid of say Hackenschmidt vs Gotch, Austin vs Hart and Ali vs Frazier all rolled into one. A beautiful and violent masterclass of what pro wrestling should be. The match was more than WrestleMania or NJPW / AEW / NWA / Impact PPV etc worthy.

In my estimation and strong opinion this match in a different scenario (read WWE and UFC budget and promo machine) deserved an audience of 93,000 + (Inside reference to WrestleMania 3). Those who attended may be the only ones who truly grasp of what a classic main event occurred in 'Sin City' Sydney, Australia.

The BCW card was solid to strong throughout, but I can't speak highly enough of the main event. For those into stars I'm going with 4.5 + + +, and I already know that some won't agree, with others in attendance, and perhaps even Shamrock, Severn and the promoter may say 5 +. Again, subjective. For me, this is what pro wrestling should be. Into the new week I will examine the undercard in detail which was very solid to good.

BCW has the right mix of matches, talent, value for money and has a tremendous fan community and vibe. It was a historic night of pro wrestling and I feel blessed to have witnessed history.

PS: pre event I was running with quite the 'Age shall not weary them' tagline and theme for Shamrock vs Severn, but in reality, the legends showed up the youngsters, and they wrestled and fought like 30 year olds! Mind you, Shamrock got a glass of water from one of the bars half way thru the 30min odd match, and then continued on the beatdown. Brilliant post match comments / insults by both. Severn cut the promo of his life and Shamrock barbed something to the effect of "This is far from over big boy".. it would be interesting to see a rematch in Impact or even the NWA.

As the expression Ken and Dan, 'You still got it'. This was pro wrestling at its best. Thank you to all in BCW for making it at historic night in pro wrestling and combat sports. Brilliant.


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