Beautiful Bulahdelah - Something for everyone

Beautiful Bulahdelah - Something for everyone, by Greg Tingle

There's something mighty special about Bulahdelah, located 240 kilometres north of Sydney.

"Bulahdelah" comes from the language of the Worimi Aborigines, who once inhabited this beautiful part of the world. It is said to refer to the "meeting place of two rivers".

This idyllic location has been on my "radar" for a few years now.

As you approach the township, you are advised by road signage that the population is 1,100, which is big enough to be a "real" town, but not so small to be thought of as a "ghost town".

A decade ago a mate of mine left Sydney for the rural lifestyle of Gloucester, just "down the road", and I thought he was mad at the time…no longer.

What's unique about Bulahdelah is that there is really something for everyone. It is unspoilt, yet, enjoys some of the mod cons of city life, like power, water, shops, satellite TV, community swimming pool, town newsagent, library, pharmacy, and even an Internet café, operated by the Bulahdelah Telecentre, a DCITA initiative.

After making the relocation, a mere fortnight ago, my favourite part of the day is watching the sunrise, with the spectacular Alum Mountain visible, whilst smugly sipping the world-class cappuccinos from the Stroud Street Café. Occasionally I take the leisurely drive to Seal Rocks, to inhale in the freshest sea winds you will ever experience.

The awe inspiring Alum Mountain is surrounded by Bulahdelah Mountain Forest Park, which would no doubt be the pride and joy of State Forests NSW. This unique forest is as lush and green as they get.

Back to "suburbia". The township even sports a visitors' centre, which is basic, yet well equipped, and boasts down to earth customer service, and more free maps and information than you can poke a stick at.

Just a few blocks away, what should you find but the town club. Bingo, live entertainment, FOX Sports and darn good Aussie and international tucker. I'm told they even have aerobics on some weeknights. Yes, they also serve the best of beer, both on tap and over the counter.

For liquid lovers of the other breed, Myall Lakes offers picturesque peace and tranquillity, a million miles from worry. Fear not, it doesn't have to be via primitive transportation either, with luxury house boats and all available. But be quick…the word has spread, and I hear these getaways are quickly turning into "book well in advance" gigs.

Speaking of gigs, there's always something coming up. In a few weeks time The Bulahdelah Show Society will be presenting The Bulahdelah Junior Rodeo, direct from the Bulahdelah Showground, of course. Many of the town's population will be there, and folks have been known to travel hundreds of kilometres to attend this "yee-ha" event. It's not just about bulls and ponies - there will also be family events like the good old fashioned flag and barrel races. Sports and entertainment is indeed big on the Bulahdelah calendar.

The town also has an artistic and creative representation. Witness the Bulahdelah School Of Arts, and a sprinkling of independent artists, authors and the like; who often create their own (unobtrusive) sign and logo, and place it on their letterbox or fence post. With names like "Possum Brush Gallery", who could resist? The hand made signs are a thing of beauty, and I thought I would never say this, but Bulahdelah could do with a touch more advertising. (My entrepreneurial spirit is far from dormant).

By now, you might be thinking of investing in this paradise on earth. The good news is that the area is serviced by a couple of real estate agents, Realty International and Edes. Properties are available to examine on their respective websites, or, if you don't like technology, by 4x4!

So, whether you're a local, a tourist passing through, or even searching for a sea change, come up and say G'day.

Bulahdelah is as unspoilt as an inhabited town gets; it's friendly as, and just far enough from the big cities to keep "the nasties" away. Should council ever consider putting forward a town slogan, I'm suggesting "Beautiful Bulahdelah".

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