If you are like the rest of the Finnish nation, there is a probability that you've tried your luck with casino games at one or two online casinos. You possibly went through the process of finding a reputable online casino, especially new ones, uudet kasinot in Finnish, one that is licensed by reliable gaming authorities. You deposited some funds into your casino account through one of the various payment options provided by that casino. Maybe you paid via wire transfer, debit card, crypto currency or credit card.

It doesn't even matter the payment options offered by the casino site, there is one payment option that is far above all others in terms of benefits. This payment option is known as the electronic wallet (e-wallet) payment option. But what makes electronic wallets the best payment option for online casinos in Finland and why must you take full advantage of this payment option?

Enables 1 Click Transfers

This reason is quite obvious. It is an open secret that making online transaction can sometimes be very tedious, in fact some transaction can take hours to complete. It can be very frustrating to fill out these transactions and this is where electronic wallets provide respite. All that is required of you is to choose the brand of e-wallet that appeals to you, choose the sum of money that you wish to deposit and the e-wallet brand will take care of the rest.

Provides Extra Support

You might not know that e-wallets provide some sort of support to all mainstream credit and debit cards. It is interesting to tell you that they do. And this is one of the important reasons why many players prefer to use e-wallets during online gaming and gambling. You are also granted access to loyalty points, reward cards and several other coupons gifted to players by the e-wallet brands.

It is Widely Accepted

One thing that is very clear about electronic wallets is that you can never go wrong with them. E-wallets are widely accepted throughout the world, especially at online casinos. Just register with a popular and reputable e-wallet brand and you are good to go. This eliminates the fear of whether the online casino will accept your debit or credit cards as a payment option. There is hardly one online casino that doesn't accept e-wallets as a payment option.

Added Security and Safety

The internet has become porous of late with many hacking devices and hackers holding sway. Of course, the introduction of encryption has reduced the rate of insecurity on the World Wide Web, but there is no doubt that it in lacking in some areas. This is where the extra security of e-wallets comes in. They provide you with the extra security needed during financial transactions at your favorite online casinos.

Improved Privacy

Financial institutions that do not care one bit about your online security will not move an inch when it comes to your privacy. That is why you need to use an electronic wallet that guarantees not only your safety but also your privacy. You won't have any worries when you take advantage of using e-wallets to make your transactions at online casinos. This is because you don't need to supply any of your personal details or sensitive information when using these e-wallets at any online casino or online merchants.

Very Fast Processing

Do you feel a rush of blood when you hear about online games? Or does you heart beat faster when you hear about online slot games and you want to instantly play? Do not worry e-wallets have got you covered. The speed of transaction of e-wallets makes it one of the most suitable methods of making online payments. Yes, payments through credit cards are also fast, but they are not as fast as e-wallets. E-wallet transactions are the fastest out of the other payment options at online casinos. You can see that you can never go wrong with this payment option especially when you add the improved privacy and extra security features it offers to players.

Perfect Record Keeping

There is this craze that comes with spending money online. You might not even know when you will exceed your spending budget online especially when you play at online casinos. But with e-wallets, record keeping is accurate and perfect. You can easily go back to review how you spent your funds and restructure your budget. This keeps your spending habit in check and makes you become more disciplined when spending money online.
International Access

For many Finland players who love offshore casinos, electronic wallets give you the freedom and access to these casinos without any problem or worries. This is because e-wallets are created to operate internationally, transcending all borders. So there is no need to be worried about the offshore casino rejecting your debit or credit card, just use you e-wallet and you are good to go.

Simple and Easy to Use

The advancement in technology is meant to make spending and handling of online money very easy, but sadly, this is not usually the case. However, if you take advantage of the reliability of the different e-wallet brands, you will find it very easy to handle, spend and use money on the internet particularly at your favorite casinos.


E-wallets are not large purses that you need to carry around when going out, they are already in your mobile phones. All you need to do is to take your mobile phone to anywhere you want and easily make your transactions right from your mobile phone. E-wallets eliminates the need to carry large cash around, so you don't need to be worried about thieves or robbers, your e-wallet has got you covered.


The use of e-wallets at Finnish online casinos will surely work to your advantage as a player. All you just need to do is to choose a reliable and reputable e-wallet provider that offers the best services and you.