Best new shows featured on Netflix

Best new shows featured on Netflix

If you love watching movies and different shows, then you might want to check out what Netflix has to offer. This is a great website filled with some of the best movies and shows out there, and they have regular updates that will keep things interesting, which is what matters the most.

However, with so many different shows to offer, you might be confused as to which show to start watching first. Well, lucky for you, there are many review places where you can learn more about the movie without actually watching it; for example, MrPornGeek is one of the sites that does the same with adult content.

Marvel's The Punisher

You have probably already heard about Punisher, and that is simply because this show has stolen many hearts. Jon Bernthal plays a violent vigilante who is not the one to sit around and wait for issues to get resolved on its own. In the second upcoming season, there is a new villain and things get even more interesting.

Carmen Sandiego

On the other hand, you have a show where Gina Rodriguez is giving the voice for a cat burglar who is traveling the world in an animated series. Her job is to take what evil consumers have stolen and give back to the community and victims. It is quite an interesting story, and you should check out the trailer if you are interested.


One of Netflix's fav, Noomi Rapace is playing as a security expert. She is protecting an heiress from a lot of different people who are trying to kidnap her. While the early critics were not very fond of this series, it still has its own spark, so make sure to check it out.


If you were looking for an award-winning movie, then you might want to check out a movie called Girl. After the 15-year old girl who was born in the body of a boy decides to pursue her dream of being the best ballerina, a lot of issues arise.


After the world goes to hell thanks to a number of known issues, a young scientist is left as the last person on the earth. The earth as it is, is completely uninhabitable. Look at this movie as a live-action of the Wall-E.


In this Indian drama movie, you will follow the story about a female police officer who is trying her hardest to get rid of violence on the streets, especially the discrimination against the female citizens. As you can guess, a lot of issues and questions arise during the movie.

Yummy Mummies

Now, the name of this series is definitely interesting, and it is a gaggle of upper-crust women who act like spoiled stars, but they are pregnant. This is quite a catchy Australian show that will get your attention after just one episode. Netflix really has a lot to offer, so check out their amazing shows and movies, and have fun.