Betting tips for punters of all skill levels; Australia and beyond

Betting tips for punters of all skill levels; Australia and beyond

The world of sports betting is extremely competitive and as you would expect punters are looking to know every trick in the book in order to increase their earning and get an excellent return on investment.

Traditionally, going back through the decade, the punter would develop relationship with one of more trustworthy SP (starting price) bookies, via the racecourse or boxing arena.

These days one just needs to get online, research the odds and sports betting operators, and open an account, place the bets, and Bob's your uncle. You're away and racing.

There's dozens of operators to choose from, however we've came across this handy list of Australian betting tips, which can help you navigate the minefield of information on the internet.

Sports to bet on far exceed the staples of horse racing, boxing and the dogs. You've also got boxing, AFL, NRL, rugby union, cricket, soccer aka football.

Speaking of football, as the Europeans often call it, Australia's Socceroos and Matildas are still favorites of the punters, despite a pretty mixed record. Still, you've got to be in it to win in, so good on the Aussie guys and girls for giving it their all.

Our advise is to do your best to get some credible tips and find out where the "smart money" is going, as opposed to the "dump money". It's almost like insider trading on the stock market, but this is not illegal. If you get tips or inside info, its up to you whether to believe it or not, and if you do, to decide how much financial investment is the go. Be forewarned, not all insider information is good information that will lead to wins. But, its better to have range of sources feeding you information, than none. If you have no information, that really would be gambling, with no skill factor involved. If you are giving information that is too good to be true, maybe it is too good. Try to verify the information from other sources, without totally letting the cat out of the bag.

Sports betting has endured a number of scandals over the years, so try to avoid that element of the game. Keep a clear mind, have fun, and always bet with your head, not over it.

See you at the races or sporting arena. We could say good luck, but better to say here's to good information and smart betting. Sports betting is big business, but it's always best to have a bit of fun with it. Now, go bet on some champions so you can clean up with your picks.