Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, cryptocurrency, Blockchain buzz all the rage at Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast; Fool's Gold or the real deal?

Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, cryptocurrency, Blockchain buzz all the rage at Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast: Fool's Gold or the real deal?, by Greg Tingle

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Bitcoin is topic of conversation is basically ever region of Australia, and in just about every corner of the globe for that matter.

On the shores of Surfers Paradise and up Gold Coast way it would have to be the leading subject of conversation in Uber's and Taxi's, and a high (in the region of 20 to 30%) of Uber drivers own and trade Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a phenom, but the billion dollar question is - Will the stock keep rising, or will the dreaded B word (Bubble) eventually burst?

World of the street, as well as in major Australian newspapers is that now Bitcoin Cash may be seen as a wiser investment that Bitcoin, if the business of Bitcoin is your thing that is.

We're hearing and reading a few things about houses for sale that will accept Bitcoin as part payment, but various Australian based newspapers are reporting these as little more than publicity stunts. We don't hold the deeds and don't know for certain, so we're just reiterating some print reports.

We're not disclosing our official position on Bitcoin at this stage, however its widely acknowledged as a few things:

a. Opportunity to make or loose a lot of money

b. One of the most hotly discussed subjects on the planet, in Uber's, Taxi's, under water coolers - you name it

c. Not going to disappear any time soon


To be continued...


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