Building Business and Communities; Double Bay & Districts Chamber of Commerce puts on impressive panel and networking event at Easts Rugby Union Club, Bellevue Hill

Building Business and Communities; Double Bay & Districts Chamber of Commerce puts on impressive panel and networking event at Easts Rugby Union Club, Bellevue Hill - 11th April 2018


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Photo credit: Double Bay & Districts Chamber of Commerce

by Greg Tingle

It was a media and community panel for the ages. Ok, it was just a panel discussion and networking event, however this was one of the better ones I have ever been to, and that covers a career spanning almost twenty years in and around media and technology.

When I first saw the invitation come through I was a little skeptical, having been to quite a mixed bag of panel discussions and networking events over the decades. Then I had a closer look - strong line up of speakers, media and sports media, held at Easts Rugby Union Club - just down the road, and I'm working on a number of sports media projects at present, including with an acclaimed sports producer - director and documentary maker, Richard Bradley...perfect

Did I mention I'm a former Rugby Union player... 1987 Warringah Rats 'First 15', and we won the premiership way back when. These days the likes of the Rats and the Newport Breakers are handing out hidings ever chance they can to the Randwick union team, but that's another story for another time. I'm a Rugby fan from way back, so the location of the event hooked me in even further, and Mr Bradley knew the location extremely well, being a local to boot. I'm not quite local, but still Eastern Beaches. I'm a Rabbitohs fan, if you must know, but for years I was Easts, and originally Manly Warringah Sea Eagles, having spent most of my childhood growing up at Newport Beach.

You may ask yourself, what's all this sports and rugby union talk got to do with business? In Australia at least, there is a very strong connection between sport and business. It's part of our culture, and who doesn't have fond memories of our sporting endeavors growing up, and many of us still enjoy our sport, albeit more as a spectator and as one who enjoys a moderate beach and gym workout. Sport is also a great icebreaker, and often a bit more interesting that the old political news banter, which can get a touch depressing. I would rather start with.. "Did you catch the game of Roosters vs Rabbitohs" or Rats vs Wicks, and you get the idea...

Down to business, this was a worthwhile panel discussion and networking event to say the least, and it was also enjoyable, entertaining, and I felt that I had definitely made the right decision to attend. I had prepared myself for success at this event, which is also important in achieving positive outcomes - Preparation - Preparation - Preparation. The right event, questions lined up, the right guest, pitches ready, shirt ironed et al. I even got to mention to Peter Switzer that I was aware of some of their positive dealings with our mutual friend and associate Kym Illman from Messages On Hold over in Perth, Western Australia. We also threw in that Kym was also widely acknowledged as the leading ambush marketing expert in Australia, if not the world, and that we have enjoyed working with Messages On Hold a number of times over the years. Reference the old expression, It's who you know, not what you know. Ok, not entirely accurate, but you get the point. I would say its actually a combination of both.

Strong themes of the evening included building better businesses and communities, hence the title, but also how in many ways, local is the new global. Building from sold foundations locally, and build upwards and outwards towards state, national, international and so on. It's worth noting that the Wentworth Courier is one of the most solid and successful local newspapers in Australia. Sure, they have a stack of real estate listings, which is good business, but they also have high quality journalism and a good mix of both good news stories on business, community and sports, as well as covering the more serious side of news... the scandals, corruption, over development and all that good stuff which lends itself to producing a credible local newspaper.

Our questions pertained to how we say local becoming new new global, and that by connecting locally we could also help combat the Facebook - Google duopoly that had not always served Australian people and business well, and that local knowledge and relationships can trump the global social media and big tech's invasion into Australia. In addition to how we can use social media to advantage, but also retain ownership of our content and relationships. Of course, quality is often preferred over quantity, and how organic and natural listings and exposure across the internet medium is more often than not a better and more credible and sustainable way to be found by the target audience. Brittany Bloomer, Founder or Pound Paws, has been enjoying success with targeted advertising options across social media, but also acknowledged the power and credibility in natural and organic listings, as well as mainstream news media, and community event presence.

I'm going to use this space to just also quickly mention one of the biggest challenges that contact sport in Australia and internationally faces at present, and finally its starting to be addressed - head injuries, including concussions and sub concussions. We've added ourselves to the media list of world acclaimed head injures expert (and former professional wrestler), Dr. Chris Nowinski. Perhaps Mr. Bradley and I will be able to network soon with the good doctor who is enjoying strong success doing the rounds down under at present.

Thank you to all involved in the success of the most recent Double Bay & Districts Chamber of Commerce event, and we shall be looking forward to the next, as well as tracking the interest and developments of Mr. Bradley's sports media related projects, in addition to continuing to build upon our relationship with the chamber and their members. Here's to a great event, and many more.

*the writer is a former resident of Bondi Beach and is the founder and director of Media Man and Greg Tingle Promotions.

Photo credits: Double Bay & Districts Chamber of Commerce

Event Overview

Building Business and Communities.

Line Up:

Double Bay & Districts Chamber of Commerce

Easts Rugby, Wentworth Courier and guest panelists to discuss how businesses can engage with the local community.

Special guest panelists:

Kim Doherty Editor, Wentworth Courier

Peter Switzer Financial and Business commentator

John Hartigan Chairman, Prime Media Group, fmr CEO News Corp

Brittany Bloomer Founder, Pound Paws Inc

Notables in the crowd include: David Leckie, Richard Bradley

Photo credit: Double Bay & Districts Chamber of Commerce


Photo credit: Double Bay & Districts Chamber of Commerce


Friend and associate Richard Bradley (Productions) attended the stellar event


Richard Bradley (3rd from left, back row aka full back, flanked by media)

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