Celebrity Property Developers

Celebrity Property Developers, by Greg Tingle - January - February 2005
(created and placed in Wealth Creator Magazine "rich bits" by Media Man Australia)

In Northern Queensland a twofold force is emerging: the celebrity property developer and agent.

The developers do not refer to themselves as "celebrity", but given their cliental and the steady stream of enquires, by yours truly (usually on a "personal invitation" and "highly recommended" basis), their existence, and success is spreading.

Celebrity niches are not new to business. And the appeal of Airlie Beach and the surrounding area has not gone unnoticed by "Hollywood" types.

Back in the 1980's many of Australia's property visionaries and entrepreneurs were already eying off the Whitsundays, whilst others played the Gold Coast and Australia's capital cities.

Names like Keith Williams and Alan Bond were quick to seize the moment, whist others waited and watched...


What can be confirmed is that Ivana Trump will grace the region with her presence in less than 3 months. Stay tuned.

The celebrity status of these developers can only be a good thing for business. Let's face it, it's intelligent, strategic and logical business marketing. They are chasing an exclusive market, and regular "punters" don't have liquid access required to buy into the exclusive residences and penthouses (many of which off the plan). Their clientele are buying a lifestyle, and in many cases, as the old fashioned cliche goes, money is no object.

It's not uncommon for many of Australia's top celebrity and media publicists to be hounded for "more information" on the investment opportunities that present themselves in the Whitsundays. As such, high calibre property developer / agent websites has arisen, which sees the whose' who of the entertainment industry pursuing the prime real estate offerings from the privacy of their own abode. And when the time is right, "the call" is made and a face-to-face consultation is arranged. Google searches for terms like "whitsunday investments", "whitsunday media", "whitsunday property" are hot right now.

The regions developers breathed a sigh of relief last year when the flights arriving from Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane were ramped up, giving prospective investors, and others, the option to come in via either Hamilton or Whitsunday Coast (Proserpine) airports. Fear not, aircraft does not fly through town, but Hamilton Island is home to many private jets and helicopters.

Given the (perceived) remoteness of the Whitsundays, there was always going to be Hollywood appeal - the ability for celebrities to get away from it all, little or no paparazzi.

Yes, this is arguably the elusive hideaway many have searched for.

The world makes decisions of low and high monitory value on emotions, whether y it be bikinis, sports cars or high-end property investments. The unique breed of property developer has arisen in the Whitsundays, and make no mistake, its foundations lay in relationships with astute investors, many within the lucrative entertainment industry.

The natural warmth of the Whitsundays, and its people, reinforced with savvy developers, has seen this new and exciting niche industry emerge.

Potential investors be advised. The majority of exclusive residences and penthouses on offer, all with squillion dollar views, of course, are priced between 2.1 to 6 million.

So, celebrity or not, if you're not already living in this paradise, you owe it to yourself to catch the next flight in, and see what all the fuss is about. Paparazzi not welcome, unless you (and your client) are invited, of course!

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