Chael Sonnen: Conor McGregor refused to wear Reebok at UFC 189

Chael Sonnen: Conor McGregor refused to wear Reebok at UFC 189 - 7th August 2015

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Former UFC fighter and analyst Chael Sonnen claims Conor McGregor refused to wear the Reebok fighter kit backstage at the UFC 189 weigh-ins.

On the latest edition of Chael Sonnen's 'You're Welcome' podcast, the former UFC dynamo claimed that Conor McGregor had an altercation with the UFC brass backstage at the UFC 189 weigh-ins. According to Sonnen, McGregor refused to wear the official Reebok fighter's kit after the UFC instructed him to do so.

"Conor did not wear Reebok (at the Mendes weigh in). He wore something else and behind the scenes they were giving him his Reebok kit," Sonnen said. He refused to wear it. They said "Hey, you have to wear this" and McGregor said "I'm different, I'm not like those other guys. I'm not wearing it", so they get out the Contract and everything and they tell him "you have to do this" and Conor said "I'm not doing it". When the weigh in rolled around he did not wear the Reebok stuff."

Although McGregor did not wear the official kit, the Irishman was sporting his own exclusive Reebok gear (in the main image) at the weigh-ins. The sportswear company selected Conor McGregor as one of their flagship stars to promote their apparel in an exclusive sponsorship deal in January.

Another thing to be noted is that Dana White handed over the Reebok kit to McGregor immediately after TKO'ing Chad Mendes at UFC 189. After saying something to Conor whilst handing him the kit, 'The Notorious' tossed the uniform to one of his corner men (GIF) and celebrated with Joe Rogan in the post-fight interview (GIF).

Sonnen claims that Dana White instructed McGregor to wear the kit but the Irishman ignored him.

"After the fight Dana gets in the octagon and hands him the Reebok shirt (black champion shirt) and goes 'you have to put this on' and Conor did not respond, he just looked at Dana. And when he did his post fight (interview) he did not put the shirt on."

The UFC's partnership with Reebok has received heavy criticism as of late, after they decided to release signature cut man, Jacob "Stitch" Duran from the company last month. The UFC and Reebok have been bombarded with criticism on social media following the decision, prompting Dana White to launch a Twitter assault against 'idiot' and 'moron' fans.

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