Cheap ways to watch your favourite programme

Cheap ways to watch your favourite programme

We live in the digital age. Gone are the days of choosing between 3 television channels. Now, we have access to hundreds of channels as well as programmes online. The only downside might be the cost of it, sometimes. A lot of television packages don't let you choose which channels you want to pay for, so you normally just have to buy the whole lot which can add up to a lot of money. One option for any business owners would be to buy a franking machine to save up some money to pay for their television subscription, but if you're just looking to watch or re-watch some of your favourites here are some ways you can do it:

Online Streaming
If you're a big fan of fascinating documentaries then you should check out the websites and On these sites there are hundreds of documentaries that you can watch online for free. You can choose from all sorts of categories and even share them with your friends if you like what you see. You can find all sorts of documentary series on there, too including some of the National Geographic documentaries. If you want to get informed for free then these sites are the best place to do it.

There are hundreds of places where you can stream programmes, although you have to be careful to make sure that the website that's giving them to you is legal. To find out for yourself, visit and enter the programme you want to watch into the search engine. This website will show you exactly where and how you can find the programmes you want and will tell you the cheapest way to do it. If there's a place online where you can watch your favourite programme free and legally then this website will tell you exactly where to find it.

Although these subscriptions might cost you, the payoff is well worth the price. To watch some jaw dropping exclusive series as well as some of your favourite television. Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu Plus are your best options. The cost of a monthly subscription is far less than what you might be paying to watch these programmes on your television and there are even some packages that you can buy for you TV that have the whole lot. Rather than watch live television you can browse thousands of programmes and films all with one remote.

On demand
For UK television programmes you can visit the channel websites to get all of the past episodes for free. Sometimes you might have to make an account on these sites by entering your email and a password, but it's all free. You can catch up on all the shows you missed on BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, Demand Five and 4OD. All you need is a computer to get all of your favourite shows.
If it's children's shows and cartoons that you're interested then Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon stream their programmes on their websites, too, so your kids can't watch what they want, when they want for free. There are lots of online games for them to play, too to keep them busy for a while.