Cheeky Hen's Party Dress-Up Ideas

Cheeky Hen's Party Dress-Up Ideas

To host a successful hen's party you need to choose a costume theme that both your friends and the bride-to-be will love. Not only will you have more fun, costume planning will be easy and you'll end up with some killer group photos too.

Your best bet is to simply ask the bride-to-be upfront about the kind of costume party she wants. If she has a clear vision in mind, great! Your job will be a lot easier. But if not, there's still hope.
Be inspired by these five stylish costume ideas to make your next hen's party one to remember.


Turn up the heat with a night of glamour, exotic dancing and sultry retro tunes. Show off your sensual side by slipping into a lace corset and skirt or tutu combo. To complete the transformation into a real showgirl put on accessories like a top hat, masquerade mask, fishnet stockings, feather boa and mesh veil.
Best of all? You can be as classy or revealing as you wish. Either way, you're bound to turn heads and feel confident wherever you go.


Band together with your colleagues and show everyone who the boss is with a corporate theme costume.
Whatever your career pathway is, you'll be spoilt for choice. Command an army of soldiers in a wartime officer outfit. Provide urgent medical care in a sexy nurse outfit. Or fly high into the sky as a 60's era air hostess.
No matter what you choose, you'll feel powerful and in control the moment you step into the room.


You know the score, right? Vampires, mummies, ghosts, zombies, pirates, and more. Any one of these timeless costumes is bound to ensure a frighteningly good time. But if you're looking for something a bit more contemporary - you're in luck.
Stand out from the crowd as a broken wind up doll. Celebrate the annual Day of the Dead holiday by becoming a spooky senorita. Or settle the score between heaven and hell once and for all with a posse of angels and devils.
Whatever leaves you shaking in your boots, a spooky hen's party is ideal for those who love a good fright.


Step back in time to the roaring 1920s - full of gangsters, unpresented economic growth and prosperity, extravagant parties, and the rise of jazz music. Dress up in your favourite flapperdress - complete with feather boa or headband and pantyhose stockings - and hit the dancefloor at your local piano bar.

As one of the most popular hen's party themes, you'll have no problem finding a high quality and affordable 1920s costume. And if you have any vintage jewellery lying around, they'll be the perfect accompaniment for your costume too.


Although the era of 50s rock music has come and gone, the clothing that was inspired by the rockabilly scene has witnessed a staggering comeback. If you've got a hankering for the good old days, then you'll love the vintage and retro life of rockabilly.

From pencil skirts and swing dresses to red lipstick, cat eye sunglasses and flat shoes, you'll have no problem transforming into a rockabilly girl. Don't forget to accessorize with your choice of net tights, studded purse, and a rose patterned scarf.