Choosing an Australian Online Casino in a Time of Prohibition

Choosing an Australian Online Casino in a Time of Prohibition

Despite Australia's endearing love of all things gambling, it's still technically illegal to partake in most forms of the pastime on the internet. That said, there is no provision under the law to prosecute the actual gamblers. Only venues operating from inside Australia are policed in any sort of way. That just means we've got to look a little bit further afield to have enjoy a dance with lady luck online.

How to Choose an Online Casino: Key Considerations

This first section of things to consider when choosing an online casino are the most important. These are the real deciding factors. It's no good finding an online casino that has a great game selection but doesn't accept Australian players, after all!

Your choices will be narrowed down a fair bit after this first section. Nevertheless, there will be a great number of casinos to play despite the harsh prohibition we're forced to dodge.

Does the Casino Accept Australian Players?

The first and obviously most important consideration when choosing an online casino is whether the chosen venue accepts Australian players. Many of the planet's largest providers are not willing to flaunt the law by providing their services down under. However, there are plenty who are more than happy to let you play with them.

If you're thinking of getting sneaky and signing up for an account like you're from a foreign country, you might want to think again. It's highly likely that using an Australian IP address will trigger an automatic "not available in your country" type response when visiting the site. Even using a VPN service isn't ideal. Some casinos recognise VPNs and return the same message anyway. It's also going to be difficult to make a deposit and register an account without letting them know you're an Aussie at some point. Remember, you must make a deposit to play!

It's much better to find a casino that just flat out accepts us. There are loads target Australia specifically too so it really isn't going to be difficult.


If you're using an unfamiliar online bookmakers or casino its always a good idea to check the licence they hold. Reputable names include the UK Gambling Commission, Curacao eGaming, and Malta Gaming Authority. Look for which regulatory body the casino is claiming to have been licensed by and run a check on the site of the relevant commission. If it's licensed and accepts Aussie players, you're pretty much good to go!

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Next, you're going to want to know if the method of payment you want to use is supported at the casino you're looking at. Most casinos support a wide variety of deposit and withdrawal options these days. They include credit or debit card transactions, bank transfers, eWallets, pre-paid cards, and even cryptocurrencies. Just Google search "your casino's name" plus "deposit options" and you can find out quickly if the payment method you want is available there.

Its worth noting that different casinos will operate different policies when it comes to maximum and minimum withdrawal methods with specific deposit methods. Again, it should be easy to find these out in the casino's terms and conditions.

Secondary Considerations

Basically, everything from here on out is completely down to personal preference. Despite narrowing your search considerably, are likely still so many options available that you can afford to be selective from this point on.

Game Selection

Game selection is one of the most important aspects of choosing an online casino. If you're a poker player, you might want a designated popular platform with deep tournaments or diverse game types. Alternatively, if you can't get enough of pokies, you'll be looking at a whole different set of casinos.

Most casinos offer all popular forms of online play these days. However, you'll find some have more extensive live casinos, for example. Others, meanwhile, might boast vast numbers of blackjack and other table game variants.


For some (myself included), the welcome bonus will be the largest concern when choosing a casino to sign up at. Many will offer huge four-figure matched deposit promotions and others will give generous free spins. These can really keep you playing for many extra hours if you take full advantage of them. New players should certainly make sure they closely examine the terms and conditions, however. Almost all welcome bonuses are worded to make them sound a lot more lucrative than they are.

It's not all about the welcome bonus though. It's worth checking out what other promotions are active for players. It can even be good to do a little detective work and find out what kind of deals the casino was offering at popular times such as Christmas or during big sporting events.

Mobile Support

If you absolutely only ever want to access the casino from a desktop or laptop, you can skip this one. For many though, mobile support is all important. It's becoming the norm these days for betting sites to use highly mobile optimised website designs rather than building a designated, standalone application. That said, plenty of apps do still exist and some players much prefer this way of browsing the collection of games on offer.

Since the mobile gambling market is expected to grow by as much as 19% between now and 2023, it's understandable that casino operators are keen to make the experience as pleasing as possible to the customer.

Look and feel of the software

Finally, we get down to how the software looks and feels. If you're like me, you won't really have a preference on how it looks - provided there are no headache-inducing colour schemes on display. However, to some people it is important, so it can certainly be used as a deciding factor.

How the software feels can be a deal breaker too. Can you easily find your way around the pages? Is it simple to browse the catalogue? Can you find the game you want to play? You might also want to consider such features as ease of depositing when making that crucial final decision!

All that said, don't get too bogged down with choosing an online casino during these times of prohibition. You can always deposit find more online casinos and play at if your first choice didn't live up to expectations. We can also hope that the Australian government comes to its senses and introduces a regulated regime that does not deprive Australians of one of their favourite past-times.