Chris Hemsworth to Play Hulk Hogan in Biopic Directed by Todd Phillips

Chris Hemsworth to Play Hulk Hogan in Biopic Directed by Todd Phillips - 20th February 2019

After more than a decade of lobbying, rumours et al, the biopic movie is finally in the works and soon enough will be in the can

Hulk-A-Mania to run wild globally one last time says Media Man agency

Worldwide news within minutes of announcement; Internet and wrestling world buzzing; Trending

Likely will spike WWE television and WWE Network ratings, interest

Feature article in development


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The Hollywood Reporter


by Greg Tingle

A Hulk Hogan themed biopic has started to develop, and acclaimed Australian actor Chris Hemsworth has been giving the nod to play Hulk Hogan by Terry Bollea himself, as well as other powers that be.

Hogan was impressed by 'Thor's' arms. Hemsworth recently posted video of himself working out in Hulk-A-Mania fashion, which has attracted strong internet buzz and was picked up on by the Media Man agency, which has followed the professional wrestling industry for more than three decades.

As first reported on by The Hollywood Reporter on Wednesday afternoon, Hemsworth portrays Hogan (Bollea) in his formative years, documenting the trials and tribulations to get to the top of the professional wrestling aka "sports entertainment" business.

The biopic will be be directed by Todd Phillips (“The Hangover”) and co-written by Academy-Award nominee Scott Silver (“The Fighter”) and John Pollono (“Stronger”). Philips and Silver are currently working together on the DC comic-book villain film (Warner Bros) 'Joker', set for release this October 4.

Bollea is acting as a consultant, while long time friend and associate (but sometimes on-screen foe), Eric Bischoff will be in the producer lineup, along with Michael Sugar, the Academy Award winner behind Spotlight, who will produce via his Netflix-based Sugar23, with Phillips and Bradley Cooper.

The story has attracted strong national and international headlines, with The Sydney Morning Herald running with a story, despite very rarely covering the pro wrestling industry.

The Media Man group has established communication lines with a number of parties associated with the project and has expressed interest to officially assist in the media and publicity campaign. The Media Man Group formally assisted with media, online exposure and PR for the SummerSlam 2005 Hogan vs Shawn Michaels match promotion (DVD), WWE Shop, WWE Games, and even sold footage of the Hogan - Ric Flair press conference at The Star casino in Sydney (to Channel Seven) as part of the 'Hulk-A-Mania Let The Battle Begin' tour of Australia in 2009, well past Hogan's (or Flair's) prime, but it was a great performance and helped attract national and international news, none the less.

When Hogan is part of something, more often than not, it attracts significant news, and this time around its expected to be all positive. All parties involved in the biopic project are fully aware of the importance of running a tight ship and to not have any missteps, professionally or personally, which could adversely effect the exciting flick.

Hulk-A-Mania is running wild (worldwide) at least one more time, and as lifelong fans of the mat game we are pumped up to see Hogan's story Netflix style. Then we can only hope it will become a full blown motion picture, following the rumored lead of WWE kingpin Vince McMahon with his 'Pandemonium' gaining buzz, despite sketchy details. Make no mistake, Hogan's flick is a done deal. You can take that to the bank, and so will Hogan and co. To use a play on words from old school, "Red turns to green", but in this case, you can throw a yellow singlet and bandana in there too, and perhaps a dash of black and white for the n.W.o (New World Older) old school heels and marks. Mark our words, this is almost as big as the time Hogan bodyslammed the late Andre The Giant at WrestleMania III, which was the slam heard around the world.

Are you hyped for the latest Hogan foray into movies? Oh Yeah Brother, Dig It. We've come a long way since Sterling Golden. Balboa and Thunderlips would be proud.

That's all there is for now folks, there isn't anymore (channeling the late, great, Jack Little from Australia's World Championship Wrestling).




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