Combat sports online portfolio: Media Man Int and Media Man Australia

Combat sports online portfolio: Media Man Int and Media Man Australia

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Battle for the sports entertainment dollar; Australian and international opportunities, threats and unknowns

Daily Telegraph,, Southern Courier sports, extreme sports, surfing, pro wrestling - sports entertainment coverage in words and multimedia continues to impress

Lesnar ‘obviously wants’ a UFC return - April 2018

FOX Sports taking the fight to TMZ Sports, ESPN, others; Rupert Murdoch's FOX playing to win in Australian and international sports media and sports rights matters says Media Man agency

The Man In The Arena

What makes a boxing champion?

Ken Shamrock and Des W Woodruff's Podcast goes live: September 2017

Ken Shamrock and Des W Woodruff to broadcast The World's Most Dangerous Podcast later this month - 5th August 2017


Muhammed Ali vs Antonio Inoki

Conor McGregor vs The Mountain

Bruce Lee contemplates the threat of Wong Jack Man in WWE Studios' "Birth of the Dragon"

FULL-LENGTH MATCH - Raw - Ken Shamrock vs. The Rock - Intercontinental Title Match

UFC 222 Embedded: Vlog Series - Episode 2

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Mick Cutajar (Judo) - Judo-1

Colin Handley (Stunt Academy): Stunt instructor / trainer, stuntman, actor


Ric Drasin


Harley Race (wrestling legend)


Seth Rollins: WWE Superstar and Head trainer: Black and Brave Wrestling Acadamy


Gracie Barra: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu


UFC Gym, Sydney, Australia

Greg Tingle. UFC Gym, Sydney, Australia


Pancrase Hybrid Fighting


WWE Performance Centre

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