Community TV all but dead in Australia; Network Ten sold to CBS - What's next?

Community TV all but dead in Australia; Network Ten sold to CBS - What's next? - August 2017

Making and watching TV used to be fun...

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The Australian news media landscape has certainly been fun and games, of a most serious nature, over the past few years.

Australia has seen the demise of Channel 31 Community TV, which later went on to become TVS Sydney aka Channel 58... long story.

Whenever I write about television I always think of our late, great friend and associate, Joy Hruby. RIP Joy. She's probably having a laugh at the mainstream media companies loosing millions, or it's really got to be billions. More likely not having a bit of a giggle at the colourful Malcolm Turnbull - President Donald Trump conversations which were splattered across one Fairfax Media masterheads... now almost a tabloid version of The Sydney Morning Herald.

Consider this our Gonzo Journalism inspired piece of the week, but without the drugs or alcohol I'm pleased to report.

Could Google - YouTube be getting ready for the next phase of taking over the media world? We know Facebook is going all the rage with streaming / live video et al. YouTube Red (with no ads) just $10 bucks a month punters). WWE Network in Australia - $12 bucks a month. UFC Fight Pass... about the same price. Makes the old Optus Vision back in '96 at $40 a month seems like pretty reasonable value - minis PPV's which were generally $30 to $50 a pop at the time.

Whatever happened to the old WWE 'Superstars Of Wrestling', once broadcast by Channel 10? That's right, Nine NOW now has the rights to WWE programming on Australia network television. So, the 10 audience switched across the 9? At least a reasonable amount of it. Tip: If you want to check out some old WWE Superstars Of Wrestling checkout the free stuff on YouTube. If you want more than you can watch, go buy a WWE Network sub for $12 a month (AUD).

A few folks told the Media Man crew to create some additional content, so consider this in the batch. Happy now punters : )

Any complaints... Tell the dog!

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