Daily Telegraph, News.com.au, Southern Courier sports, extreme sports, surfing, pro wrestling, sports entertainment coverage in words and multimedia continues to impress

Daily Telegraph, News.com.au, Southern Courier sports, extreme sports, surfing, pro wrestling - sports entertainment coverage in words and multimedia continues to impress

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by Greg Tingle

You don't need us to tell you how competitive the world of professional sports and entertainment is, but it's worth repeating. All types of business endeavors are not for the faith hearted, and sports media and the like is no different.

Whether your an athlete, even a former athlete, now working in and around the business, or perhaps your a free surfer or a journeyman wrestler or mixed martial artist... our hat's off to you.

I enjoy the quote that pro wrestler Curtis Axel (part of the Miztorage) retweeted a few years ago - The Man In The Arena. It pertains to everyone being a critic, but its the person in the ring (in the arena, plying their trade), who should get much respect.

We're fans too. Who hasn't been a bit of an armchair athlete at some time or another, but for me and I suspect many readers, there's nothing quite like getting out there and having a go, be it having a surf, a swim, a wrestling or martial arts match - even if your best days as a professional are behind you.

Have you even heard this expression? ... Would have, could have, should have? Well, comon folks, get in there and have a go. Sweat, feel the pain, train to exhaustion. I can tell you that it gives you a new found respect boost for the few who have made professional sports their career - their life. They train hard and work hard to keep the millions entertained. That's worthy of a ton of respect and then some.

Now, let's move on to those in the sports media who have the sometimes enjoyable and other times hellish job of reporting and covering the sports and entertainment sector.

I want to give a bit congrats and shout out to a few journalists and writers whose work we enjoy and that I felt were worthy of awards and acknowledging, and I'm not talking about the Oscars, Play Of Week or MEAA (Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance) awards, even though we're a member of them too.. Although on the odd occasion I've questioned myself why I keep renewing the membership... it's probably because I'm a loyal person and would feel guilty if I canceled the membership, but I digress.

Huge Kudo's to The Daily Telegraph's Amanda Lulham. We love your pro surfing converge of both the guys and the girls, and your writings don't have to be about the Big Waves to get our attention. You are a credit to the industry. Every now and again I have the chance to check out the work of Will Swanton, who like myself originally hails from the Northern Beaches of Sydney. I'm hoping to read plenty more of your surfing industry news reports soon Mr Swanton.

And, arguable more famous, and certainly bigger in statue, the strongly opinionated and often correct, Peter FitzSimons. You stay on the polies about the proposed Sydney stadium rebuilds. Do keep us up-to-state on the latest and greatest with the Sydney Cricket Ground and I heard about your social media campaign build... #StadiumSplurge

To less politically charged news developments, big congratulations to the boys over at Garage Entertainment who continue to pump out world class sports themed documentaries and films. Might be good comp or fodder for the Australian Surf Movie Festival who is spearheaded by Tim Bonython. These surf films and docos sure give a different kind of feel to Mother Earth and its ocean than the ones courtesy of David Attenborough's 'Blue Planet' and 'Blue Planet 2', who we are are also huge fans off. If you haven't check out Lin Sutherland's ocean and nature documentaries and television segments, do so. We've been a long time fan of Lin and her work. Speaking eco, great to see Clean Up Australia down at South Maroubra and Maroubra Beach recently. Champion effect. In a perfect word we wouldn't need these clean up days, but this commercial world who creates and throws out garbage, be it plastics, plastic bags, bottles and all that stuff is what created the mess. We know the story with some big business industry sectors such as mining and other big polluters, so we don't have to preach to the converted here. Perhaps Australia's own world class documentary marker and writer John Pilger may like to go in even harder on those damaging the words environment, and don't forget that approximately 80% of the planet is in fact water, and most of that is the ocean. Other work of Pilger's that we enjoy includes the story of Seb at Bondi Icebergs, and how about the powerful and shocking Utopia, documenting the issues of Indigenous Australian in the outback. Issues would be an understatement, but you get the point. Australian politicians this is for you - help fix up the issues that Australia has had for over a hundred years... you know, the White and Black Australia stuff, including Black Deaths In Custody and corruption and crimes against humanity that Aboriginal Australians have ensured, and then you can have another look to see if Australia really needs more immigration.

A feel good news bite on the business of professional sports is the use and strong industry adoption of personnel technology. The likes of Fitbit and smartwatches are really just scratching the surface. Great to keep athletes and regular guys and girls fit, healthy and safe. Good business opportunities on the horizon for sports media entrepreneurs and publishers too!

Democracy in a great land such as Australia is a wonderful thing, and at least we do have some diversity in the press, be it News Limited, Fairfax Media, the ABC, SBS or even smaller publications ran by the likes of Alt Media Group or niche community magazines like 'The Beast' which emanated out of the Bondi Beach region, perhaps inspiring others to have a go like Maroubra's Heartland's magazine. It's the Aussie way to have a go, and we also like to help control the way that Australia is going. Sometimes the politicians don't like what we tell them. I encourage our readers and fellow Australians to protest loud and clear when the situation dictates it. You can generally rely on The Daily Tele, Sydney Morning Herald, the ABC and others to cover a good protest. Hey, they need to fill the newspapers up with something... it can't all be advertising or politically spin campaigns can it. How many real estate advertisements can a reader read?

Long live freedom of the press, and huge respect to the athletes who entertain us. The surfers, the wrestlers, the martial artists, the skaters, and also to those in media and production who give the world the opportunity to see these amazing talents do their thing. You are all champions, and its been a pleasure to put the spotlight on all of you today. Surfs up!


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