Damian Aspinall remains confident in Aspers igaming

Damian Aspinall remains confident in Aspers igaming - August 2009

Despite an economic downturn, Asper's top brass, Damian Aspinall remains optimistic and positive in both Aspers traditional casino and online gaming business.

In recent times Mr Aspinall has witnessed various British casino and igaming operates relocate offshore, and in some cases, close shop altogether.

Unlike many in the industry, Aspinalls has a powerful pedigree, plenty of street front exposure, and plenty of money in the bank to ride out the story.

The well known Aspinall family has some strong history with other great gaming companies including down under to Australia, with links to both the late, powerful and colorful Kerry Packer, as well as his son, current top brass of Crown Casino, James Packer. Mr Aspinall also also received some balanced and largely very positive press over the past year, much of which was complimentary of his string of public sightings with Australian supermodel, Elle MacPherson.

Yes Sir, Aspinall continues to win on many fronts in a somewhat embattled industry, however as igaming continues its popularity and expansion on a global scale, the timing looks good for Aspers to continue his push into new markets such as the Asian Pacific sector, and might like to take a closer look at U.S soil, now that indicators show the United States government may be becoming more open to having a slice of the international igaming revenue in their coffers.

If anyone knows a thing of two about money making the world go round, that would be Damian Aspinall, and he learned and witnessed some of this from the best of them, including his late farther.

Given the families history with diversifying and adapting with change, including the famed zoo connection, its seems fitting to ponder the following for a moment, before deciding who well Aspinalls is adapting to current market forces...

In the long history of mankind (and animal kind too), those who learned to be adapt to the environment have prevailed.


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