Digital publishing; News apps way of the future, says Media Man agency

Digital publishing; News apps way of the future, says Media Man agency

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by Greg Tingle

I'm often asked "What's the future of newspapers"?

So, here's more of your weekly Gonzo journalism style banter of the industry many people love to hate.

A. Newspapers in one form of another are hear to stay.

B. Newspapers in their traditional form are likely to get thinner, if as there not thin enough already.

C. Online newspaper websites will continue to grow, and numerous online advertising campaigns will compliment the news, as well as sponsored content, special features backed by firms who can pay a few extra bucks, and most papers will incorporate some kind of paywall, just as The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Australian Financial Review, The Daily Telegraph, The Wall Street Journal, and others have done.

D. Our friends at the Australian based ABC will continue to look to use every trick in the book to gain extra readership, as well as look to curb retention, by doing cross promotions and also continue to invest in online technologies and online advertising, be it via online advertising giant Google, Facebook, or another firm that may not even be in existence yet.

E. News apps, such as SMH and The Age will continue to develop. Obviously news media giants would like their brand of news to be front of mind, and to be the first port of call of Joe and Jane's smartphone.

F. Mergers and acquisitions will continue to be all the rage, be it a merger between Bloomberg and Ten, Bloomberg and Sky News, Reuters or whatever. There are simply too many news media players in the current national and international market, and not enough online advertisers for all firms to remain without considerable shake ups to the business models. Companies will merge including a few surprises.

G. Niche media outlets will continue to be all the rage. Witness the Australian real estate sector wars such as Domain vs vs Local Agent Finder vs Purple Bricks or even in the action sports arena, WWE Network vs UFC Fight Pass. Funny example, I know. Ok, Carsales vs Oh, Figure Four Online / Wrestling Observer Newsletter vs Pro Wrestling Torch, and if surfing and surf culture is your thing: CoastalWatch vs Swellnet. Oh, Gaming and gambling.. Gambling911 vs Poker News Daily. Perhaps iGaming Business. Comics and the superhero genre your thin? Enter Marvel Comics / Marvel Studios vs DC Comics / Warner Bros. wars. 20th Century FOX will continue to interject from time to time, as will Sony with Spider-Man. Where's Frank Miller and his Sin-City when you need him. Lord knows Marvel's Going to run with a Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3 at some point. There's too much money to be made on the franchise, and we all want the next mixtape right! Google Play and friends will be more than happy to sell it to you. If hard copy comic books are your thing the website is Go on, you know you want to.

Crypto currency news: CoinTelegraph vs CoinDesk, and so it goes on.

Sports personalities and entertainers looking to do their own thing via the podcasting medium - 100s to find at the likes of We miss you Rowdy Roddy Piper.. R.I.P. Those who like their pro wrestling banner raw will appreciate our friend Jake 'The Snake' Roberts...he's part of the Diamond Dallas Page connection. Comon', you must have heard of Dally and DDP Yoga? Still waiting for UFC / MMA living legend Ken Shamrock to release his podcast, which he gave us the scoop on a few months back. Some good things take time. Female wrestling legends Madusa and Lilian Garcia also have them. You will have to appreciate them for their vocal skills and beautiful voices... it's not about their good looks on the podcast's fellas.

H. Expect crypto currency brands such as Bitcoin to continue to remain very newsworthy, and for news media to ramp up their involvement with the Crypto's... is that a word Jack?

I. Our company, Media Man (Media Man Int and Media Man Australia) will continue to survive and team up with suitable media partners, and carry advertisements, in addition to maintaining some sponsored content. Expect more newspaper backed events in the same vein as The Sun-Herald City2Surf. The Greg Tingle Promotions website is a work in progress, as we adapt to the ever changing news media business landscape. Yes, you may advertise via the Greg Tingle Promotions website also, if you insist!

J. Google's YouTube and Netflix will continue to dominate the streaming medium. Apple will continue to do their darnest to make further inroads into this major sector.

K. Blockchain will start to become a factor in the news media business, be it online and / or off-line.

L. Rupert Murdoch and his News Corp will remain a major player in the space. Murdoch's quote 'Big will not beat small anymore. It will be the fast beating the slow', will continue to hold true in many fashions.

Other: this is an opinion piece punters, if you didn't figure it out already. Some will love it, some will not, such is the nature of the beast. We shall look forward to the haters and the fan mail. Don't like it? Tell the dog!

PS: stay tuned for a more corporate or so called "professional" version of this article, without so many pop culture references, if that's your thing. You can't please all of the people all of the time.

*the writer has taken part in Fairfax Media app and usability studies, and has conducted business with numerous brands mentioned in the above article including WWE, UFC, Domain / Fairfax Media.

The Sydney Morning Herald, more likely than not to be delivered via your internet provider, be it NBN Co or other, other than aircraft. Live in Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia? Expect to pay $8.10 plus for a SMH hardcopy, as we had to do a few years back. Photo credit: Fairfax Archives)

Photography by Greg Tingle



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