Do Casinos Cheat? The Question that Crosses Every Player's Mind, Answered

Do Casinos Cheat? The Question that Crosses Every Player's Mind, Answered

One question that always seems to come up regarding casinos, is whether or not they rig the games and might be apprehensive. Or those that have been playing for a while but never hit a jackpot.

Of course, like every other industry that exists, casinos differ in their levels of reliability and trustworthiness. This boils down to how fair the odds are for players making real money wagers.
Reputable casinos, got their great reviews and trust from players all over the world, because they do not cheat. Since most of them want to continue staying in business for decades to come, they need to ensure they provide a top-quality, fair, and rewarding platform.

There should be no reason any online casino with a large member base would need to cheat, in order to make a profit. And the moment they do decide to start behaving in a disreputable manner, review sites like are quick to call them out on their sketchy behavior.

Why No Casino Should Need to Rig Games

Casino games at trustworthy sites are already set up to guarantee profits in the long run. Even if they pay out several huge jackpots, the game can only return up to 98% of the proceeds that go in the game. When you make a bet, even if you win, over time the casino will make a profit regardless.

Any game that is rigged to avoid rewarding players, will eventually lose the interest of players. And stop earning a profit. Not to mention that sites with bad reputation ratings will eventually get flagged and lose members.

In the end, it makes no sense for a casino that is earning a profit to cheat. And you should only join and bet on high-quality, highly-rated casinos, sportsbooks, and real money apps.

How to Avoid Getting Ripped Off

There are several ways to avoid getting taken in by a disreputable online casino. The first thing is to read reviews by players to see what they have to say about the site. Best Pokies is a great option for finding the best online casinos open to Australians and many other players around the world.

They test and review all of the platforms for online betting, to determine which ones are worth a visit and what you should avoid.

Additionally, once you're on a website or app, ensure to check for licensing, eCogra certificate, and RNG on the games. This allows for each spin to be unique and random, so you have a fair chance at winning every time.

There are certain quality indicators about long-standing casinos that are already well known. Even new casinos go the extra length to ensure they are providing a high-quality service. Chances are, if a casino has been around for a few years and amassed millions of members all around the world, then it's a site you can trust as well.

Lastly, allow expert reviewers to guide you on where and how to play your favorite games. Such as you'll find at websites like Best Pokies.