Documentary of Australian Wrestling History

Documentary on Australian Wrestling History


For decades professional wrestling fans have been screaming out for a documentary on the glorious history of Australian professional wrestling.

Mediaman is delighted to play a key part in this ambitious project.

Director, Greg Tingle says, "We have been getting requests for years about a documentary on the history of Australian professional wrestling. Having interviewed many of the wrestling greats of that era, and now having access to the right equipment and expertise, it's about time we make a documentary that will do Australian pro wrestling proud".

Greg jokes, "Some of my experience in the project includes getting attacked by 2 female pro wrestlers in my TV presenting studio, quitting pro wrestling school, and on a more serious note, interviewing and forging friendships with many of the key players in the Australian pro wrestling business".

Footage from all the great arenas will be utilized - Sydney's Hordern Pavilion, Brisbane and Melbourne's Festival Hall, even some coverage of a Canberra and Perth show.

"Assembling the right team and talent is paramount in the process".

Names to watch out for include:

Greg Tingle

Gary Young

Steve "Crusher" Rackman

David Little Wolf

Mario Milano

Jake "The Snake" Roberts

Walter "Killer" Kowalski

Paul Roma

Peter Luck

Roy Masters

Dane Crandon

Evan Ginzburg

Kirk Beattie

and more...

The audience will watch in amazement as they experience the claw hold, the atomic drop, the butchers axe, the atomic drop, the abdominal stretch, the sleeper, the brain buster and more devastating blows.

Experience the excitement as Jack Little and Paul Jennings call the action. Jack would enthusiastically say, "'This is warfare disguised as wrestling'', he's gone absolutely berserk" and "how about that!"

Wrestling fans even get to tell their tales, and behind the scenes footage and interviews with media figures and more.

This is The wrestling documentary you have been waiting for!

Note: This is a medium term project.

Forecast to completion of documentary - less than 1 year

*Disclaimer: all information correct at time of publishing. Details can be subject to change.

For more information contact:

Greg Tingle
Director, Mediaman

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*Fan, business and media letters and footage submissions are encouraged.

*e-mail correspondence preferred. Only genuine Enquiries via telephone thanks.

*public thank you of support for all that are assisting to make this project a reality.

*examine the profiles and articles section of this website for more information on the glory days of professional wrestling in Australia.


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