FIFA 20 Went Through a Rough Weekend Amid Server Woes

FIFA 20 Went Through a Rough Weekend Amid Server Woes

A lot of unrest was experienced over the weekend as FIFA 20 experienced some server problems. As a result, there were a lot of complaints from players worldwide.

At the moment, FIFA 20 is working on an EA job. Because of that, it really seems like it is facing problems, leading to its servers failing, as well as some PR disasters. This has resulted in unrest within the pro player community. However, in the meantime you can play Fita-themed slots at the best online casinos.

Server Woes Threaten FIFA 20

This past weekend, two of FIFA's professional players actually had to settle a game via a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. They had to settle their official EA qualifier in this way because the issues that the FIFA server was facing stopped them from creating a match online. Many other players faced situations throughout the weekend, which led to an outcry, with a lot of players voicing their concerns on social media.

Since then, EA has issued a statement. The company has said that it is doing all it can to look into this really unique situation. As of now, it seems that EA doesn't really understand what really happened, which is why they are looking into it so that they can stop it from ever happening again. The company also went on to mention that the two pro players that were affected by this problem were actually able to play other matches in the same tournament with no problems at all.

So far, the Rock, Paper, Scissors match has gone viral all over social media sites.

However, this is not the first time that EA has had issues with their server, although this seems like the worst issue so far. These problems have mainly affected those who play EA games online. One of the players affected by the recent server woes said that he spent about three hours just trying to connect to FIFA 20.

Gladly, for real money pokies online games fans, they can always switch to their favorite game while EA fixes its server.