FOX Sports taking the fight to TMZ Sports, ESPN, others; Rupert Murdoch's FOX playing to win in Australian and international sports media and sports rights matters says Media Man agency

FOX Sports taking the fight to TMZ Sports, ESPN, others; Rupert Murdoch's FOX playing to win in Australian and international sports media and sports rights matters says Media Man agency

Gonzo journalism style look at the business of sports and sports entertainment. Coffee, caffeine and energy drinks; No drugs or alcohol


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FOX Sports (Australian, U.S and Asia) arms muscling up to TMZ, ESPN, start-ups and would be contenders

Controversial sports figures Brock Lesnar, Jon Jones, Tiger Woods and now even Australian Steve Smith helping FOX take the bat and ball to rivals

Combat sports entertainment WWE, New Japan Pro Wrestling and MMA's UFC, Bellator key weapons in global sports domination plan

Larger than life sports personalities Andre The Giant, Michael Jordan, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair and advocate Paul Heyman hustling for TV, website and social media traffic, advertising and media rights

Water cooler, cafe and club and pub buzz and sports gossip maintains importance in sports - pop culture connection

Controversy creates cash says sports and entertainment entrepreneur Eric Bischoff

Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart downplay involvement in WWE and WrestleMania Week

Time to get serious on spots betting related corruption and scandals; Has sports business got too big ala professional cricket in Australia; Multi-million dollar sports deals and brand endorsements can pay for mansions and mortgages; Is this part of the key problem? Media Man agency reports

Sex can still sell via UFC ring girls; Australian feminists looking to ban attractive Formula 1 motorsport grid girls; Feminists out of control? The ugly side of feminism activism; Grid girls strong, empowered and attractive women who enjoy to show off and showcase sports and healthy, athletic bodies; Could Gold Coast Meter Maids be next target of feminist Nazis


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Brock Lesnar and his advocate Paul Heyman. WrestleMania 31. Eat. Sleep. Conquer. Repeat. Check out Heynan's Heyman Hustle and he's also got a reality TV related project in the works.

There's no doubt about it... the world of sport have changed - some for the better, some definitely not.

Whatever even happened to the local school cricket, footy (touch or tackle), beach football game with no commercial interests, no sponsors, no media... just sport for sports and funs sake? Sadly, those days appear all but gone.

Now its more akin to 'The Running Man' (movie) with valuable purse money up for grabs, major sponsorship and media rights all the rage, and sports entertainment whiz kids Paul Heyman and his client, Brock Lesnar have it all figured out, and kudos to them... be a dual sports entertainment players and get double the payday. Hey, that's smart business.

Sports betting remains a key part of the sports media landscape, and with so much money involved the sports betting outfits won't be looking to leave Australia any time soon, despite political jabs in the Aussie newspapers on an ever frequent basis.

How pure is the UFC and Tennis, and now cricket has come back under the microscope. Sports ambassador and sponsorship deals can pay off care, mortgages and even buy mansions, so should the Australian and international sports loving community even hope for sport to remain pure?

We've got WAG's in tears, players named and shamed, video camera evidence, and so it goes on. How much punishment is fair cop to a sportsman who betters busted cheating? 1 year, 3 years, life? How does cricket's latest scandal match up to Bodyline?

Should Nine look to scrap the Cricket, and do a turnaround and put on pro wrestling in its place, reversing the situation from back in 1977 when the WCW wrestling got dumped for World Series of Cricket? Those who fail to learn from their mistakes are doomed to fail again. At least pro wrestling promoters and participants publicly admit its a work, with pre determined winners and outcomes. How much on play action via the cricket pitch, footy oval and such can we trust? Do our eyes and sometimes minds deceive us when sometimes its like something doesn't add up?

What's all this nonsense about NRL players deliberately getting penalties which help tire out the opposition in the process? Yes, they are playing within the rules, but it would against the spirit of the game right?

Sports business is also entertainment business and big business, but has the business part of it reduced the enjoyment of the game for fans and sports media? I would say Yes.

Sport is now over exposed, and largely over paid. We know that many sportsmen and women only have a certain number of years that they can earn the big bucks participating in the sport they love, but just maybe the massive paydays have got out of control?

What's the solution to the over commercialism of sport? Not sure. There's existing media, sponsorship deals, and player contracts, and these can't be dropped in a eye blink, nor should they be. Athletes have right to make a living, but they should not be trying to fool the public into believing that their sport is pure?

Over the decades a number of media analysts and commentators have said that pro wrestling is the most honest form of sport - sports entertainment - promoters and players admit that its a work and pre determined. They are not trying to hoodwink the public to beveling the sport is pure. The pain and sacrifice, the risks are real, but its a show folks.

Pro boxing on the other hand often is scrutinized closely, and rightly so. Three judges, and often the 3rd judge appears way off on their judgment, and bingo, a big upset, and often a big payday for the sports punters who got their inside information. Did someone just say that boxing is linked to the mob who used to call Las Vegas, Nevada, its home? We thought so.

So many questions, so few answers.

If you enjoy sports, that is, the business of sport, great, but know that you are watching a form of entertainment and showbiz, with or without ring girls, grid girls or a Wheel Of Fortune beauty.

Other sports to watch with an evil or at least eagle eye include snooker, darts and even the local or regional rugby game. Unfortunately, if there's a dollar to be made, there's always the dark side of sports business that may like to further put a black eye on the sport is question.

What can you, the sports loving public do to help sport keep an emphasis on sport, not so much of the business? Tell your sportsmen and sportswomen about it. Tell your local MP, even the Prime Minster, Write to sports media, sports commissions, start a GetUp campaign, hold a protect... If you have mixed results with the above, you can always vote with your feet and wallet. What's that mean? Stop attending matches, don't buy merch, cease watching it on TV or via your streaming device et al. Hit em where its hurts the most, just like Facebook customers / consumers / users have recently done, which has resulted in worldwide negative headlines for Facebook, and see the share prices tank for offenders. You can also attend pure sports matches.

We're hoping that surf sports such as surfing, bodyboarding, bodysurfing, surf skiing and swimming don't get corrupted, and if they have been effected, that the dark element soon gets eliminated.

Just maybe life time bans on sports cheats is the answer, and make it law that if a sportsman or sportswoman gets busted for cheating that they automatically loose their income from the sport... pay for showing up and payment from supporting brands (the sponsors etc).

Cry me a river for sports cheats, cheers for pro wrestlers and the promoters who don't pretend to be doing sport for sports sake alone, and all sports media and sports promoters and players agents, do your best to run a tight and clean ship. Professional sports doesn't need another black eye or hit in the head.

Gambling on sport? Maybe leave that for pro wresting and poker. We would rather know a sport is big time about entertainment or gambling, rather than be told its about sports first, but then have the cheating man and his man in the shadows, in the crowd, make us suspect otherwise.

Pure sports lovers are family with the Olympic Games and Commonwealth Games. Got to love the history dating back to the Pankration and Greek Olympics. Competing for glory, not financial gain. Woops, is that a syringe in your pocket or boob tube, or are you just happy to see us in the stands?

Sports world, your on notice... clean up your act or loose the fans. You will soon all be playing for your own amusements, because the media rights won't be worth much, fans will stop going so their goes your ticket sales, and I guess your career in sports won't be paying for mortgages or mansions for much longer. We're not going to get into the circus that is professional cycling. Armstrong, got your blood transfusion today?

That's game, set match. That's all there is, there isn't any more. The fans have gone berserk (Jack Little - WCW reference). Now, that was sports entertainment, and you didn't even have to put your hand in your pocket to but a ticket to this news, but its optional if you want to support our sponsors. That would be the sentiment from our unmet friends and associates in the States: Jim Ross, Eric Bischoff and Bruce Prichard.

PS: No we're not going to comment on 'That Bodybuilding" documentary by Johnny Bravo. Is it true that where there's smoke, there's fire? Get well soon Arnold. Go check out 'Pumping Iron' is you want a flashback to when sport was really starting to become sports business in the 80's.

Public kudos to Dr. Chris Nowinski, who is doing wonderful work regarding studying concussions, sub concussions and the like. No doubt 'Dr. Chris' and friends will be watching the comeback of wrestling great Daniel Bryan with an eagle (not evil) eye. Is Bryan booked to win or loose his comeback match? The smart money would be on a win. Yes! Yes! Yes!, or as 'Nature Boy' Ric Flair in his Mr. Custom Made suit would say, Wooooo!


Kurt Angle. Olympic gold medalist in wrestling. Former multi-time pro wrestling champion and current G.M of WWE RAW

A.J Styles (current WWE Champion) vs Chris Jericho. Two of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time

Australian Nathan Jones swapped bodybuilding and pro wrestling for acting? Did Dwyane 'The Rock' Johnson follow Jones lead? Is John Cena following Johnson or Jones. One ponders one what Ryback (The Big Guy) makes of all this? Perhaps he will be looking to gatecrash another Facebook Streaming broadcast if given half a chance

Eric Bischoff and Vince McMahon. Very high up in the sports entertainment food chain. McMahon son-in-law Triple H is by all accounts doing a tremendous job in WWE. Photo credit: WWE


Nothing quite like good old fashion publicity stunt, even in cricket. Pre sandpaper scandal

'Best Dressed' Cricket. Creative: Human Statue Bodyart


'Best Dressed' at the cricket. Creative: Human Statue Bodyart. Special thanks Nine's Wide World of Sports

World Series of Cricket. The good old days of Australian sport? Cricket Australia - Your move

AFL. Adelaide, Australia. Photography by Greg Tingle. Creative: Human Statue Bodyart.



V8 SuperCars. X-Men: Days Of Future Past theme. Creative: Human Statue Bodyart.


Ferrari bodypainted visual aids at the racetrack. There's grid girls, and then there's GRID GIRLS!

Did Pirelli go soft or SAWFT (thanks Enzo Amore) on motorsport, or did they just change for the times? Wouldn't you like to know the back story? Smocking' Hot


Perth, Australia based Messages On Hold have been a big supporter of Australian sport and motorsport over the years. Previously a major ambusher of sports games, Kym Illman has been an official supporter and sponsor for many years. Go the West Coast Eagles.

Messages On Hold. In-house themed grid girl.

Messages On Hold campaign collaboration with cricket great Shane Warne.


World Championship Wrestling (Australia)

UFC Gym. Sydney, Australia. A few ring girls go a long way to attracting positive news and add colour and excitement to the world of sports entertainment


Bavaria Beer girls ambush the world cup. Circa 2010. Ambush marketing 101


Ric Flair themed NFL boots. No sports scandal there folks. Who is looking forward to the second coming of Vince McMahon's XFL? We are. What's this about another 'Eb' football league also in the works? Too much football, or not enough? The public and advertisers will decide, they always do.


'Nature Boy' Ric Flair. A better showman than a wrestler? Who is to judge. Flair knew and still knows how to make serious money out of his professional wrestling heritage, and is quite the frontman and public speaker. Hell of a great guy too. Wooooo!

Jake 'The Snake' Roberts apparently has interest to bring his 'Spoken Word' down under to Sydney, Australia. Could underdog wrestling promotion AWF make this happen?


Jake 'The Snake' Roberts and 'Diamond' Dallas Page. Page, formerly a pro wrestling great is now the founder and creator of DDP Yoga and a world class public speaker, motivater and coach. DDP Yoga - It ain't your Momma's Yoga!

Cesaro and Hulk Hogan. Cesaro is one of the greatest pro wrestlers of all time. Hogan, Flair and others believe he would be a great WWE world champion. Comon' WWE powers that be. Got to love the Caffeine and Kilos connection also. Cesaro is one of the world's most famous coffee connoisseurs. That wins more votes from Media Man. Creator and publisher of Cafe News Media


Arnold Sports Festival (Australia) Most assuredly sports business

E-Sports is sports business. Perfect showcase to showcase gaming tech, brands and personalities. With or without crypto currency or gaming crate tie ins


WWE's Seth Rollins is also a world caliber cross fit athlete. The CrossFit Games fits into sports business. Aint' no game folks.


'Mr Wonderful' Paul Orndorff and Hulk Hogan. Orndorff's background is NFL and bodybuilding. Hogan's was music (guitar) and baseball.


WWF / WWE pro wrestling legend, Randy 'Macho Man' Savage, flanked by Miss Elizabeth and Jesse 'The Body' Ventura. Savage's background was baseball, Liz was previously a ring announcer and presenter, while Ventura was a U.S Navy Seal.


Conor McGregor appears to be maintaining his popularity in UFC / MMA and professional boxing circles as a cross over star. He's even got films and documentaries happening. Life after sport et al


The world of WWE (pro wrestling) and UFC has developed in interesting ways since the Ken Shamrock vs Dan 'The Beast' Severn series of matches. Shamrock was special ref in the famous Steve Austin vs Bret 'Hitman' Hart submission match at WrestleMania 13. The Graci MMA legend and legacy remains a key part of the development of the MMA industry, which pro wrestling has been significantly influenced by. TAPOUT is now owned by the WWE


Andre The Giant. Artwork by resident artist, Rob Schamberger. Andre's HBO documentary is receiving rave reviews and was a good public venue for Hulk Hogan (Terry Bollea) to enjoy a chat with WWE top brass. Many fans are hopefully of a Hulk Hogan return to the WWE, and no, Hogan does not need the money, having won a multi-million dollar settlement against Gawker.


Battle for the sports entertainment dollar; Australian and international opportunities, threats and unknowns, by Greg Tingle - March - April - May 2018

Roman Reigns and sports entertainment advocate and promoter genius Paul Heyman comment on upcoming Reigns vs Brock Lesnar main event match at WrestleMania 34 in New Orleans - April 2018

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Sports entertainment business approaching fever pitch down under in Australia; WWE, UFC others eyeing off major Australian sports stadiums; Potential sports betting opportunities; William Hill, Bet365, other sports betting giants interested to secure naming rights to Australian horse racing and motorsport tracks?

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Cafe and Espresso Bar friendly creative war for customers in Sin City Sydney heats up

World Cup Ambush Marketing Beer Babes Charges Dropped - June 2010

FIFA World Cup Attacked By Ambush Marketing - June 2010

Putting a new spin on an old sales pitch

A Sporting Legend and the Media Man

Marvel and comic book legend Stan Lee arrives in Australia for Supanova Pop Culture Expo

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson was in a hard place 'but got through it', by Greg Tingle

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Give him a tingle - 15th August 2005

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The Big Chief With The Big Heart

Pro wrestling great Mario Milano - ‘Australia’s Elvis’ - dies at 81 - 17th December 2016

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Why there's gold in them thar cells - 6th May 2007

Controversy could fatten Ponting's bank balance

Beach stunt - March 2009

Whitewash whisper leaves Tingle in the ear



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Dr. Chris Nowinski (Concussion Legacy Foundation) Public congratulations to Chris and his team on his live changing work in the field of head / brain protection and research in combat sports. (Photo credit: John Ohle Photography)


Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and his beautiful girlfriend Lauren Hashian. In recent months Johnson has being opening up about his life's challenges including his bout of depression and his mum's past suicide attempt. Dwayne's openness has helped inspire others to overcome the odds, and to beat the tough times. Johnson continues to inspire, motivate, entertainment and educate young and old. Well done on breaking down previously taboo type subjects, and public thank you for stopping to chat to us in Sydney all those years ago at the red carpet. A champion bloke in every sense of the word. Seven Bucks Productions will be hearing from the Media Man team again soon. If you didn't hear the true story, circa 1995, Johnson was wrestling in flea markets for about $40 bucks a night. And, you guessed it - he had $7 bucks in his pocket and was broke. He knew that one day he wouldn't be. That's inspirational.

Johnson friend and associate Hulk Hogan (Terry Bollea) has also publicly discussed and documented a time he contemplated suicide when he was depressed. Bollea credits Laila Ali (that's Muhammad Ali's daughter) for saving his life.

Johnson and Bollea will go down in history as legends, tough guys, great performers, and as having hearts as enormous as their muscles. Some say they have egos, but having met and spoken with both gentlemen I would say its a confidence, and they came across as humble, friendly and appreciative of support. We encourage others to support these champions of sports, entertainment and life.