Gerry Harvey (Harvey Norman) vs Amazon vs JB Hi-Fi; Go Aussie says Media Man agency

Gerry Harvey (Harvey Norman) vs Amazon vs JB HI-FI; Go Aussie says Media Man agency; ABC's Gruen pours fuel on the fire, by Greg Tingle - October 2017

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ABC's Gruen, formally known as The Gruen Factor, has thrown fuel on the fire regarding US giant Amazon's upcoming infiltration down under to Australia.

I don't always see eye to eye with the ABC or every single Australian billionaire, but I'm right behind Gerry Harvey on this one.

I love the expression 'Support Your Local Anything'.

Australians for Australian, following the lead of other eccentric Australian business tycoon Dick Smith.

Another attribute I believe in is loyalty. Loyalty to people and companies who have been good to us over the years, and loyalty to Australia. It's not 'Make America Great Again' my friends. It's 'Make Australia Great Again'.

Cheap is not always better. Anyone can compete on price only and its a mugs game. Gerry said it right... One Amazon has got your details, watch out baby.

So my fellow Australian's, are you with Mr Harvey - Harvey Norman, Gruen and us on this issue? Comon, back the Aussie underdog.

Keep in mind that cheap can sometimes be very expensive, and if your like me and grew up in this beautiful country of Australia you may want to help also preserve Australian culture and values. Apart from that, you gotta love Gerry's television commercials. Check out Will Anderson's send up of them on Facebook if you haven't already.

Let's hear it it... Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi. Go Harvey Norman!



It's on. Australia vs the USA!


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