Hilarious Online Casino Commercials

Hilarious Online Casino Commercials

With the enormous competition in this industry, comes the challenge to be different, so some choose a specific niche in which not many operate, some try with unique themes and others try to differ by the content they offer in their advertising campaigns. The result of which is sometimes assured to make you laugh.

Casinos really do have some of the funniest adverts around. These ones are almost guaranteed to make you smile and they may even have your sides splitting too. Online operators are no different either, and sometimes when they try to inject personality, they don't quite pull it off.

Beat the Boss

If you are in the UK and have been gambling for quite some time, then there's a high chance that you have come across the hilarious campaign that was designed for Beat the Boss. It ran from 2014, and it starred Verne Troyer, who was most known for his appearance as Mini-Me. He was the hot-headed guy in charge in this advertisement and his narcissistic tendencies made him believe that nobody could beat him. When he was proven wrong, the results were comical to say the least and you can't help but laugh at how it all happened. You'll see cameos from the 2015 advertisement in the form of Paris Hilton and even Dan Bilzerian too. They even did a Can't Beat this Spin which was entirely based on the MC Hammer hit. Troyer was the driving force behind all of this and it's safe to say that this is one advertisement that has gone down in history.

Find your OJO

PlayOJO have branded themselves as being a fair casino. This is quite fitting when you look at the overall structure that they have, and the advertisement they ran in the year 2018 took a harsh jab at those who operate around unjust policies. The clip is only short, but it features Ewen MacIntosh as their mascot. He has been mistreated by a ton of operators and he soon gets his game back when he starts playing on the PlayOJO site. The scene changes with some upbeat music and there are some funky dance moves too. Sure, this might be a simple concept overall but it's certainly something that a lot of people can relate to. The advertisement packs a punch and it's bound to make you grin ear to ear. Want some more funny casino ads? Five Star Pokies are a hub for all of the best casino sites around, so you're bound to find something on there.

Your Game, Your Rules

One of the many benefits of playing an online casino game is that you can do it all in your own time. William Hill have tried to take things to that next level by walking you through a high-class establishment. You have guys in tuxedos, women in dresses and even dealers who are clearly professional. You also have table games and slots in the background too. As you venture through the casino, you will soon see that there are tons of people in the background too. You'll see a man walking around in a towel, someone in their pyjamas and even someone eating cookies at the roulette table. This is exactly how people play at home, so it's fantastic and humorous to see how this translates to the real-world.
Maxine Misunderstands

If you have a virtual assistant or something similar at home, then you'll probably understand how easily mishaps can happen. This latest series of casino adverts will easily give you the same feeling thanks to Maxine. Paddy McGuinness at JackpotJoy tries to reward people who play the game with some extras, such as a spa day. Unfortunately, Maxine misunderstands, and she books in a sparring class instead. He also requests afternoon tea, but Maxine sends a swarm of bees and a hamper of micropigs. Sure, the advertisement is light-hearted but it's also a super playful advertisement that really stands out.

Chav Tranquiliser

Paddy Power are known for being one of the funniest, but also one of the most controversial gambling companies out there. They have been in operation for nearly two decades now, and this means that they have so many advertisements to offer. Their chav tranquiliser advertisement is probably going to go down in history. Men are dressed as women for the Cheltenham races and you also have Jesus who is healing players who are on the football pitch too. In another advertisement, they have two older women who are trying to cross a zebra crossing. They have their own zimmer frames in tow and as a lorry approaches, odds appear above them. The caption says "Let's make things more interesting" and some people took this the wrong way. They thought that the bookmaker was encouraging the audience to see who was going to be hit by the lorry, and a total of 49 people complained about it. They believed that the advert demeaned older people and the ASA even went on to ban the add too. The bookmaker then clarified that the bet was really about who would reach the end of the road first. It's crazy to think about how such a simple advert went on to cause such an outcry, but that being said, it is funny and the humorous twist that it had still has people talking about this advertisement to this day.

Of course, there have been so many humorous advertisements shown to this day and it's safe to say that some of them have caused quite a stir. How many of them do you remember? If you don't recall seeing any of them on television, then it's very easy for you to find them on the internet. Thanks to sites like YouTube, all of these hilarious clips can be watched time and time again for years to come. Of course, there are bound to be some more funny and controversial advertisements shown in the future too because most casino providers are always trying to do everything they can to stand out and sometimes that means crafting advertisements that either create a stir or make people laugh. That being said, sometimes there is quite a fine line and if you're not careful then you may find that you end up giving a very bad impression.