Hope found in whale dreamtime

Hope found in whale dreamtime, by Greg Tingle - October 2008
(Credit: The Bondi View)

I found Whaledreamers to be a powerful, thought provoking and relevant film.

Featuring Julian Lennon, Jack Thompson and Bunna Lawrie, its indigenous and environmental messages were presented without hype and without preaching. And there were just enough celebrities to give the film mainstream appeal.

Directed by Kim Kindersley, Whaledreamers explores the intricate connections that link humans to nature, themes that permeate indigenous thinking and spirituality. Everything and everyone is connected.

Just as people communicate with their pets, Whaledreamers makes the case that some indigenous people have the power to communicate with whales.

The film is not a technical masterpiece but it does deliver a powerful message: we really need to listen to the traditional caretakers of this land. While it is not a sermon, the film invites the viewer to consider whether the Mirning tribe and the whales could teach us a thing or two about living on this planet.

The highlight of the film for me was when the elders called out to the whales, and they emerged from the ocean.

In an age of environmental degradation and threats posed by climate change, the film offers hope, and the world owes Lennon and Kindersley gratitude for this magnificent effort.

See this film. It just might change your perspective.

Whaledreamers headlines the Greenfest Film Festival in Brisbane from October 10 - 12.

For more information go to www.whaledreamers.com




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