How to stop procrastinating

How to stop procrastinating

Procrastinating is postponing or refusing to do some tasks that are put on you by someone or something. These are always tasks that should be done using your hands and head, not physiological processes (as if you procrastinate to pee, you'll eventually pee up your pants).

No matter what is the reason for procrastination - depression, feeling overwhelmed, difficulty in planning, not enough experience, rebellion against the tasks or schedule, fear of disapproval, self-doubt, playing gambling on one of the online casinos like, or simply a habit - there are ways to stop procrastinating, which we consider below.

Create a schedule
Buy a notebook or open an Excel sheet and start planning. Write down the task list and define due dates for each. Split larger tasks into smaller ones. Be realistic, though: give yourself time to ponder, delay, be creative, and recheck.

Start your day with the hardest tasks
If you delay doing anything just because you're frightened of large tasks, here is a great way of how to stop procrastinating: start a new day with hard tasks. The entire day is in front of you, so instead of avoiding it, just actually start doing it - step by step, bit by bit.

Motivate yourself
Leave time in your schedule to reward yourself after you complete some step. That can be anything, like 15 shots of your favorite rum, which would consume the end of the day. Or a delicious cake. Or anything you define.

Ask for help
If you feel overwhelmed, lacking knowledge/expertise, then seeking help in such a situation is the best way of how to not procrastinate. If you can't cope with the volume for the given time - share a part of it with the team/hired people/relatives. If you aren't experienced enough, hire someone who is, on a one-time freelance job. If you can't agree with the deadlines, try to shift them. Or if you hate doing this job in the first place - delegate it to someone, if possible.

These are the most popular ways of how to avoid procrastination. You could add up something original - like, starting a day with smaller tasks if your arms are downed to start with a large one. Take a pace and start loving what you're doing (or, if you simply can't stop hating it - delegate). Change your expectations from 'excellence' to 'okay' if perfectionism makes you avoid start working on anything in the first place.