How to become a smart customer?

How to become a smart customer?

Sales, sales and more sales! Discounts, promotions and low prices will be the found ones in The Good Guys stores! Imagine buying in a place where all prices are lower than in the rest of the stores or being able to check the catalogs in the comfort of your sofa or even getting more discounts by the time you enter to the store! All these "dreams" may come true if you are a smart costumer and if you are aware of everything that is happening in the store.

Have you ever thought of renovate your kitchen appliances? Alternatively, have you ever wanted to buy that latest iPhone to take the most beautiful pictures? All of this kind of electrical products may be found at The Good Guys at very good prices; all you have to do is to follow just a two-word instructions "pay attention".

In other words, being aware of the latest promotions, sales and deals, will help you to be updated and to buy your products at the best prices in the market. Being aware of The Good Guys specials and being familiar with the online catalog will be able to help you to make those smart shops. Of course, that this is not a problem for The Good Guy since most of its products are price deducted and the store believes in those "smart customers".

Then, to summarize, the question is how to be a smart customer and get the best prices?

Check online catalogs regularly

The online catalogs are updated every week and in some opportunities even every day. Some stores have only one catalog but The Good Guy has more than one, maybe two or three, depending on the season. That is why, you should check on the catalog every week in order to know which products are price deducted and which of them are on sale. Part of this great news is that you can check on the catalog from the comfort of your house, from your cellphone or tablet, there is no need to go to the store to know which products are promoted.

Check on the price slashed daily deals

Depending on the day of the week, some products have "price slashed", which means that prices may be deducted up to 100$. You can be aware of these benefits when entering the store, but if you are a "smart customer", you can check it in the online catalog beforehand and already know what advantages you have and what kind of benefits you can use, as it suits you, before making the purchase.

Organize your purchases to get more discounts

Some stores give you discounts and benefits if you spend over a certain amount of money and The Good Guy is part of this group of stores! By spending over 750$ or more, you will get a 50 months interest free, which means, no deposit and no interest. In other words, by organizing your purchase and buying everything that you need in order to spend over that amount of money (which may change depending on the week), you will be able to get more benefits than if you buy only one low-price product. All this information is shown on the catalog that is why is so important to being aware of it!

Author Bio: Rajhu S Goraai is a regular contributor on top news blog. Connect him on Linkedin