How Our Memories Are Critically Important

How Our Memories Are Critically Important

Memories are what make us who we are. They often form the lens through which we view and interpret our world. Memories are also those primal triggers prompting us to take the decisions we do, to act as we act and to passionately love as we love.

We may be more than the sum of our memories but without them, we would struggle to make sense of the world.

Now, we can't remember everything. However, many of us captured our family movements and life-defining event on VHS videotape. With the technology available through VHS to Digital Sydney we can take steps to preserve those magical moments so that when it comes the time to look back, we have as many of those golden memories on tape as we can via VHS to DVD Sydney.

Memories Trigger Our Deepest Held Emotions

The first thing to remember about memory is that the emotions we attach to our memories are the most crucial aspect of memory. Memory triggers take a range of forms. Sometimes it can be a certain smell that brings back a memory of a time, a place or an experience.

Sitting down to a dish in a restaurant can transport you to your memory, as can the scent of a memorable perfume in the way it reminds you of someone once close to you.

All memories come with emotion attached to them. Those emotions can range from nostalgia, fondness and happiness through to anger, sadness and fear. These strong emotions can linger with us the longest in our memory.

These emotions contribute to our learning experiences shaping how we make evaluate situations and options, before arriving at a decision in the future.

Digital Memory Aids

Remembering every situation we've experienced or every major event is impossible. Unfortunately, few of us have a memory that works like a video camera, permanently capturing the moment for all eternity.

If we remembered everything we have ever experienced and revisited those memories every time we made a decision, it would dramatically slow our decision-making.

We remember a host of experience and many of those memories come flooding back to us once prompted. Our learning is always selective and what we draw on from experience tends to weigh more heavily than the fragment of memory itself.

Moreover, humans are visually cued. What we see has a significant impact on how we assess a situation. This is why watching old videotapes can elicit such a broad range of emotions. Of course, we still need to have access to the content on those old VHS tapes to hang onto those memories.

Help! I Want To Remember!

Clearly, we can't remember everything. However, there is one simple way to ensure those beautiful memories of our childhood for from our family life are available to us to revisit once again.

Our old VHS tapes are like old friends who come to visit. We can both meet them on our own or introduce them to our children. If we were fortunate enough to have parents who were fond of videography or if we were ourselves interested in videoing the world around us, we may have a potentially invaluable treasure trove of videotapes languishing on a shelf or in a box somewhere.
Many of our forgotten memories are to be found hidden away on videotape. Like our own memories, these videotapes can get blurry and a little foggy. Can you remember those family barbecues and get-togethers? Can you remember your graduation day, which your parents caught on video? Or playing in the park with your children?

Final Observation

Those old VHS tapes enjoy a special place in our consciousness where we can immerse ourselves in our life's memories. Here thanks to the effectiveness of VHS to Digital Sydney and VHS to DVD Sydney we can relive those special moments captured previously on videotape. That is why it is so important that we embrace professional standard digital transfer technology to store our precious memories.