If this is a pandemic, words have lost their meaning: Alan Jones

If this is a pandemic, words have lost their meaning: Alan Jones - 13th July 2020


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Sky News Australia

Alan Jones says he has had a "gutful" of alarmist rhetoric surrounding the coronavirus, calling out the political elite for "thriving on alarmism".

"I am sick and tired of hearing about the number of cases," Mr Jones said.

"If this is a pandemic, words have lost their meaning.

"These are politicians with power. They are just making up the numbers."

Mr Jones suggested the powers enforcing lockdowns and restrictions employed a rather Orwellian tactic.

"No one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it," he said.

Since March, there have been 24 deaths in Victoria due to COVID-19 while by comparison, there are 440 deaths in Australia every day.

"With Melbourne people, as I said last week, locked up like battery hens, why are we not told that the World Health Organisation says 99 per cent of cases around the world are mild and 99.85% of all cases will recover?" Mr Jones said.

"Why doesn't Professor Peter Doherty, the Nobel Prize winner, get a guernsey when he says about the reproductive rate of the virus; It does seem to be about 2.5.

"That means, each infected person could be expected to transmit the disease to 2.5 others which makes it about as infectious as a bad flu, but infinitely less infectious than measles."

Mr Jones asked why the Australian public was being told by political leaders the likelihood of death from infection had plummeted.

"Is it because not dying is bad for the headlines?"