What is indy wrestling?

What is indy wrestling? by Greg Tingle

You have heard of professional wrestling aka "sports entertainment", so what is indy wrestling?

It's the small time version of pro wrestling.

"Indy" is another term for "independent".

It's the smaller wrestling promotions who will often give that "break" in the industry for "the next big thing", and the indy circuit also acts as a "feeder system" for the bigger promotions such as the mega popular World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

Indy wrestling goes back to the early day's of pro wrestling, even when wrestlers would travel from town to town - some would even travel with the circus's - the "carnies" (carnivals).

Wrestling is show business, but indy wrestling is the small show, not the "big show". This is not to discredit indy wrestling. It's "grass roots" pro wrestling, and the indies give the talent a place to gain experience, where they can take their lumps and bumps, and "stuff up" the odd move, without embarrassing themselves on national television.

Even the greats of "sports entertainment" like "The Rock" and Hulk Hogan had to start near the bottom. Both "The Rock" and Hulk Hogan went through "the system", before they hit the big time.

Some of the towns today's "superstars" had to ensure included Memphis, TN (USWA & CWA), where the pinnacle was wrestling at the Mid South Coliseum, and a host of towns in the Atlanta and Texas areas.

The wrestlers on the indy circuit have it tough, often busting their ass for little or no reward, other than for the pleasure of performing before a live crowd, to gain that all-important performance.

Folks, next time you hear of indy wrestling coming to your town, why not turn up and marveling at these new crop (and sometimes washed up), modern day gladiators. Take in some history in the makings - you could just be watching "the next big thing", up close and personnel.



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