Interviews with leading Australian and international business leaders and entrepreneurs via Media Man Int and Media Man Australia

Interviews with leading Australian and international business leaders via Media Man Int and Media Man Australia

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The Media Man group has been conducting interviews and writing articles on many of Australia's and indeed the world's leading business people and entrepreneurs for over a decade.

Please find a small sample of our interviews below:


Adriana Belotti. Technology, Bitcoin and Blockchain consultant - August 2018

Hannah Fraser, Professional Mermaid, Artist, Activist and Model - August 2017

Bianca Buitendag - Professional surfer - July 2017

Ken Shamrock, UFC, MMA and pro wrestling legend - 22nd May 2017

Richard Bradley (Producer: Richard Bradley Productions) - 26th May 2016

Emma Barbato, Founder and Director, Emazon TV

Gabrielle Reilly, social and community entrepreneur, political and media analyst, founder The Global Townhall - March 2015

Lin Sutherland, Producer, Journalist and Environmentalist - 14th November 2006

Brigette Paroissien, Model, Actor and Entertainment Industry Entrepreneur

Bob Winstead, Entrepreneur and Entrepreneur$ Creator & Founder: 27th Nov 2004

Max Markson, Director of Markson Sparks! - 2nd July 2003

Rohan Herbstreit - Ringside Consulting & 3rd Dec 2003

Michael Tancredi, Founder of - 1st June 2003

Bill Behrens, Owner, Promoter & Television Syndicator - NWA Wildside & Show Business Inc - 18th June 2003 & 31st October 2003

Dan Rayburn, Director, - 26th Oct 2003

Paul Budde, Managing Director, BuddeComm - 10th July 2003

Andres Kello, owner of - 27th May 2006

The Rock, Actor & Wrestler (Credit: ABC Mondo Thingo) : 2004

Vince McMahon, Chairman, World Wrestling Entertainment - 9th March 2004, by Chad Williams

Craig Newmark, Creator & Director, Craig's List - 24th November 2003

Ric Drasin, Bodybuilder, Wrestler, Actor & Self Defense Expert: 18th June 2003

Derek Wilding, Director, Communications and Law Centre: 18th July 2003

Danny Schechter, Executive Editor, Media & Globalvision: 29th July 2003

Greg Tingle, Director, Media Man Australia - 12th April 2008


Interviews with new and established models via Media Man website network

PM Malcolm Turnbull addresses Google presented conference: Let's Put Our Businesses On The Map with Google. (Question by Greg Tingle - Media Man Australia and Media Man Int) video - 22 April 2016

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Some of the best and most interesting interviews I have ever conducted have been off the record and not recorded - Greg Tingle, founder and director, Media Man