Is there anything called too much Music?

Is there anything called too much Music?

"Too much of one thing is poison". This is a common saying that people use when they need us to calm down or to stop doing something. It can be playing nfl betting games, watching movies, eating too much. Basically, it's the synonym for "just stop what you are ding, it is enough". Band many of use heed this call effectively. But as much as we know the effects of too much of everything, is there anything called too much music?

Too Much Music?

Music. The language that everyone understands. And it is loved by everyone that is why we have so many genres of it. To make sure that all the needs of the listeners are catered to. We have jazz, RnB, pop, rock, classic, country to mention but a few. and we have new songs and albums being released every day. We have shows that want to discover the next big idol in the music industry. We have shows that want to make sure that you have the right voice to make in the industry. And in all these, never have we ever heard of too much music, even the effects of to music.

Could it be possible that music is immune to the bad that comes with all the other leisurely activities that we have? We know that too much of casinos online can lead to addiction. While too much liquor can lead to various health-related diseases. Not forgetting how too much of sweet things can lead to rotten teeth and foul breath. What about too much music?

It is possible that music is one thing that the human body can never get enough of? Could it be that music is nutrition that the body always needs? Can we liken our need to music to the way that our bodies carve for water? But even with too much water we have to run to the toilet too and fro. Therefore, can we safely say that there is nothing like too much music?