James Packer, Crown Casino Help With Australian Fires

James Packer, Crown Casino Help With Australia Fires - 3rd March 2009
(Credit: Gambling911)

The Salvation Army and Greg Tingle (Mediaman director)
(Photo Credit: Patricia Feijoo)

Media Man Greg Tingle (pictured with the Salvation Army) reports that James Packer and his Crown Casino have teamed up with the Salvation Army in an effort to help those affected by the Australian bush fires.

"Great to see James Packer and friends sharing the wealth. It's a rather usual paring of Crown Limited and The Salvation Army, but when big business, a switched on casino, and the people power and spiritual wonders of The Salvation Army bond together, small miracles can be achieved.

"Aussie Icon's James Packer and Shane Warne (via The Shane Warne Foundation and 888) have really shown tremendous leadership in assisting their fellow Aussie's in need. It's the guts and determination that made the Australian Anzac's legends and got us through Gallipoli. Some fires continue in Melbourne, and bushfire danger remains on high alter with more heatwave conditions and 100km plus per hour wind storm predicted early into the new week."


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