Jesse Ventura On How Colin Kaepernick Reminds Him Of Muhammad Ali

Jesse Ventura On How Colin Kaepernick Reminds Him Of Muhammad Ali - 20th June 2020


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By Jason Ounpraseuth

WWE Hall of Famer Jesse Ventura spoke with Kelsey Nicole Nelson on FOX Sports Radio on the Washington Redskins. He revealed (h/t Brandon 'Scoop B' Robinson) who he viewed as similar to Muhammad Ali.

"I view Colin Kaepernick like I do my idol and hero," Ventura expressed. "They did the same thing to him. There was a gentleman from Louisville by the name of Cassius Clay, who became Muhammad Ali. And they took his time away three years. He was not allowed to fight as the World Heavyweight Champion because of a political stance on the Vietnam War. Now, you're talking to a Vietnam veteran, who respects the position Ali took."

Ventura continued, "I respected completely that was in his heart. He did not want to fight, and therefore he should not have had to. And he wasn't going to be used like they would have used him. Had they brought him into the military, they would have used him simply to recruit other young black men into that colonial war, which I despise today that I participated in."

The current Black Lives Matter protests have inspired fans to call for a NFL team to sign Colin Kaepernick, who has been out of the NFL since 2016. Many have shown their support for Black Lives Matter by taking a knee, like how Kaepernick did to protest racial injustice and police brutality.

Ventura expressed his support for players who take a knee during the national anthem. He redirects by stating the issue that needs to be addressed, is the name and logo of the Washington NFL team.

"But that aside, getting back to the football end of it. I just want to make sure though, like Adrian Peterson, remember he's a Viking first, Adrian Peterson said that in the fall, probably the entire league is going to take a knee," Ventura stated. "That's wonderful. I have always supported the right to do that. And I'm a veteran."

Ventura ended by stating, "Taking a knee is the opposite of what our president says. It means you're showing respect. You take a knee at church, you take a knee to marry your wife. There's many things you take a knee at doing. And you take a knee at the grave site of another killed veteran; that's standard policy.

"But anyways, that aside, I just hope that Adrian Peterson, when he takes that knee, realizes the uniform he's wearing and the helmet he has on is blatant racism also, and I really wish they could get rid of the name before they take the knee."