John Cena On His Instagram Posts Being "Interpretive Art"

John Cena On His Instagram Posts Being ‘Interpretive Art"

Art is anything you can get away with - Andy Warhol

The imperfections make it real art - Greg Tingle

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by Greg Tingle

Wrestling great, rapper and up and coming actor (and perhaps artist!). John Cena, recently spoke with well respect journalist and broadcaster Chris Van Vliet post WrestleMania 35, and discussed his Instagram posts always being up for interpretation. Cena said he’s just doing what he feels Instagram is about and wants to create a discussion.

This is much in the same light as the Media Man Int Instagram, which covers sports, wrestling, art, nature, pop culture, news and more.

“I think if that’s what you got from that interpretive piece of art, then that’s also special, because that’s what the Instagram is about. It’s an image where you can interpret what you want.”


“It’s explained in the bio, that’s exactly, exactly what it is. Every single thing I post has meaning. Some are a bit more obvious—the Baron Corbin on my face where he’s facing off with Kurt Angle—some are a little more subtle. I posted one today that was super, super subtle, and tomorrow’s is even more ‘layers of the onion’ subtlety but I enjoy that. It’s using the medium in a different way. It’s creating a virtual art gallery where the consumer can be like ‘I wonder what’s on his mind’ or ‘this is what this is supposed to mean’ which sparks conversation, gives us stuff to talk about, which gives [the audience] stuff to talk about. That’s that. I never tag anything, I just leave it out there for the universe, and that’s that.”

Kenny Omega (now with AWE)






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