Maroubra community movers n shakers keen to see Bra business thrive

Maroubra community movers n shakers keen to see Bra business thrive, by Greg Tingle -
August 2017

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An ever increasing amount of Maroubra based business people are doing whatever they can to help boost business (and confidence) in the region.

Readers will be aware of the newly formed Maroubra Business Media meet-up initiative created by Media Man Int - Media Man Australia.

Media Man is engaging in cross promotion (namely via social media) with the Maroubra Chamber of Commerce, the Maroubra darling Facebook page known as Maroubra Community as well as The Maroubra Chamber of Commerce. The Heartland's of the Eastern Suburbs is also enjoying some additional online exposure thanks to the 'Bra business entrepreneurs whipping up an internet frenzy, which has also come to the additional of News Corp's News Local publication; Southern Courier.

A little birdie (a seagull to be specific) told us that a major newspaper will be doing a story on the increased Maroubra based business networking activity and apparently Maroubra Business Media and Media Man will be in the centre of it.

All Maroubra region (up to roughly a 10 km radius) business folks are warmly invited to Chalk Espresso Bar located in McKeon St at Maroubra Beach. The meet-ups commence at 10am each and every week. Members can stay for as little or as much time as they want. Chalk generally close around 3pm, and open up later in the afternoon for the Friday trade.

Maroubra Business Media is rapidly expanding with guests from the world of media and publishing, art, fashion retail, self defence training, surfing, heath, technology and more.

We recently attended the Roy Morgan Research 'State Of The Nation' presentation: Media, and the 100 plus audience was interested to learn of the pro active approach to business that News Corp is doing regarding teaming up and reporting on local business groups. The strategy could be referred to localization, personification and media networking. The local approach is of course quite the opposite of globalization. Maroubra used to be known for quite the 'local's only' motto, however has become should we say more welcoming to others in recent years. Maroubra is such a beautiful part of Australia and you can't blame locals for wanting to protect the turf and maintaining the cultural identify which typifies Australian culture and values.

Readers, if you know of any other cool business and community related meetings and gatherings in the Maroubra region, please let us know, and I'm sure Marissa at Maroubra Community and Paula at Maroubra Chamber of Commerce would also be very interested.

Let's keep Maroubra great, and cheer's to greater business for all, and more fun in the sun... despite a cold winter. Maroubra business leaders are heating things up. Positive actions can yield positive results. Jump aboard the wave of success.

Save The Dates:

Maroubra Business Media meet-ups - every Friday at Chalk Espresso Bar - McKeon St, Maroubra Beach. 10am start through to 12.30pm.

Maroubra Chamber of Commerce - Buy Maroubra - Tuesday, August 29 at 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM. Bank of Sydney 205 Maroubra Road, Maroubra NSW 2036

Greg Tingle (Media Man Australia - Media Man Int), Michelle Morgan (Snoop Creative) and Alfred Bellanti (author)


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