Maroubra Seal photo published by Randwick Council social media; Media Man reports local photographer feeding frenzy

Maroubra Seal photo published by Randwick Council social media; Media Man reports local photographer feeding frenzy - November 2017

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'Maroubra Seal Surfing' (Photography by Greg Tingle - Media Man Australia, Media Man Int and Maroubra Business Media)


Maroubra Beach goers have been in for a real treat lately.

Water temperature is around 19.3 degrees, there's been good weather, and to top it off, numerous Seal sightings. A few weeks back Maroubra Lifeguards called for bathers to leave the water as a seal was spotted (which is much more welcome news than a shark sighting).

Many bathers took the opportunity to photograph the Maroubra Seal, which looks to be surfing the wave.

The exclusive Media Man photograph caught the eye of the Randwick City Council social media staff who showcased it on their social media platforms. Click here

The following week fellow Maroubra Beach based photographer Glenn Duffus had one of his photographs published in the Southern Courier newspapers, a publication that Media Man, friends and associates are very familiar with. Click here

It may not be whale or seal hunting season in Australia, thank god, but by all accounts the hunt for the best photos of our local marine life is alive and well.

Well, good thing there's plenty of fish in the seal, and plenty of snap happy seals as well.

Other popular entities for photographers in the region include the Maroubra Beach Rubiks Cube, Mahon Pool and surfing comp meet ups staged by the likes of North Maroubra Surf Riders and Maroubra Surfing Association.

We did manage to get an exclusive of the Maroubra Beach Mermaid, which no other 'Bra photographers did, not matter how hard they wished or tried. See our exclusive photos below. Rumor is that a Sydney based creative artist also secured some shots of the beauty.

Good hunting and happy snapping to all.

Maroubra Beach Mermaid. Creative by Human Statue Bodyart

Photography by Greg Tingle


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