Marvel: Creating the Cinematic Universe lets Media Man cosplay superhero characters: Starlord and Captain America; One time is not enough

Marvel: Creating the Cinematic Universe lets Media Man cosplay superhero characters Starlord and Captain America; One time is not enough, by Greg Tingle - 25th July 2017

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Star-Lord (photo via official Marvel photo booth and green screen)

I had to travel to Brisbane to see some family members on some most important matters, and I just knew that some relaxing and escapism time was also required.

Enter Marvel: Creating the Cinematic Universe, which I had been reading about in newspapers such as The Australian and The Sydney Morning Herald.

I had missed it in Brisbane a few months back, however this time luck and timing was on my side. The show was on, and better yet, the good folks in the media section of the Gallery Of Modern Art had kindly organized a media pass for me.

I'm quite passionate about superhero genre films, pop culture and the like. While not a full on nerd by any account, I'm a bit more than just a casual fan.

Thinking back I can remember when the superhero figures hit Australia in the mid 70s and I had Hulk, Spider-Man, Captain America and Superman (I know he's from DC Comics fame).

Perhaps like Marvel living legend Stan Lee, I didn't think that much of the Spider-Man TV series, but Batman and Robin was pretty cool.

Back on target, this Marvel exhibition rocks, and there are people traveling much further than 1000km via cheap flight to get there. I swear I saw groups of overseas art and pop culture tourists.

Officially an adult pass is in the region of $25, however they could charge more. Fortunately they don't.

One can spend 30mins or over 3 hours going through the expo. There's even a Marvel Shop with an awesome array of collectibles and themed goods. I bought pens, pencils and postcards, which only set me back a touch over $10. You could spend $1000s in there, but there's no need. For Marvel and superhero genre fans, this experience is priceless.

The real Stan Lee or actors playing the superheroes are not there, but it doesn't matter, the expo is so good. I had already met and spoken with Stan 'The Man' Lee and a few other actors who I won't name drop, so I don't feel I have missed out on anything regarding the Marvel Universe.

There's rumors about that the expo will also make its way to Sydney and perhaps also other Australian cities, but why delay. If you don't live in Brisbane like myself, jump on a plane for less than $100, book a airbnb or hotel, and get a fix on your superhero addiction.

I'm going to rate it 4.9 stars out of 5. Why, I would have liked to jump into a real Iron-Suit and rocketed into the sky, or got to fire a real life Guardians Of The Galaxy gun or rocket launder, but then again, I am ex military and a bit of an extremist at times.

All superhero and super villain fans will love this expo. $25 bucks bargain. Experience - priceless.

As Marvel icon Stan Lee would say, Excelsior!


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Captain America (photo via official Marvel photo booth and green screen)


A sneak peek through 'Marvel: Creating the Cinematic Universe'


Published on 3 Jul 2017
Experience 'Marvel: Creating the Cinematic Universe', the largest Marvel exhibition ever presented, only showing at GOMA in Brisbane / 27 May - 3 September 2017


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