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Media, Advertising, B2B and Agency News Around The Web - October 2019


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WWE's top brass Vince McMahon under a lot of pressure to see SmackDown soar at FOX

Paul Heyman likely WWE's best creative talent in years; Credited to lift in programming


Chris Jericho best talent (and mastermind hire) of All Elite Wrestling; Followed by Jim Ross

Jericho launches Web Is Jericho as strategic news positioning for further dominating internet

News Corp top brass including Michael Miller continues to advocate for paid news, be it or Eastern Suburbs based locals such as Southern Courier; Eastern Suburbs Media

News Corp and others not happy with FAANG factor; Continue to lobby Australian Government

FOX TV / FOX Sports keeps the pressure on Vince McMahon's WWE, especially SmackDown

WWE's Vince McMahon known to override at least one or two Paul Heyman decisions

WWE's Eric Bischoff hasn't been seen on TV for the longest time

UFC's Dana White not happy with Melbourne Government over ring card ban at UFC 243

Digital news media mergers abound

Vox Media acquired New York Media

Vice Media snaps up Refinery29

Group Nine Media snatches PopSugar

LRefinery29 raises $US133 million since 2005 launch

How Refinery29 bootstrapped for 8 years, caught fire, and raised $US133 million – only to end up selling to another struggling startup, Vice Media, for mostly stock

eBay aims to boost advertising to a $US1 billion business by re positioning as alternative to Amazon et al

eBay is ramping up its sales efforts to take aim at Amazon’s giant advertising business

Taboola’s mergers with Outbrain

Taboola and Outbrain to battle Facebook and Google for advertising dollar

Tanya also spoke with Dell CMO Allison Dew about the computer giant’s focus on first-party data amid upcoming privacy laws like the California Consumer Privacy Act and its experimentation with an in-house agency.

Samba TV looks to grab consumer content startups

Netflix always on lookout for more programs to reach Stranger Things and GLOW type popularity

Cannabis startup Tokr raised $US1 million in seed funding; Plans to increase audience appeal

Streaming service SoundCloud continues in popularity; Media Man channel adds content

YouTube may launch own pro wrestling channel (rumor); Follows YouTube Movies etc

WeWork mixed news reports see management and staff leaving; IPO dud stirs industry

One Championship to become more aggressive in American mixed martial arts market (UFC)!

MTV's Celebrity Death Match may come to the party with Ten's broadcast into Australia


Beware the FAANG factor; News Corp attack dogs at the ready. Encouraging Aussie Gvt


David Rowe, Australian Financial Review illustrator encourages Media Man to get Media Watch!



Media & Marketing section of The Sydney Morning Herald / The Age continues to impress

Australian surfing coverage friendly war heats up; Tingle news media and yarns from the deep

Australia Sports Entertainment and Media Man Sports team up again to offer greater coverage and reach in online environment

Advertising Agencies enjoying the upcoming WWE - All Elite Wrestling "war"; Impact Wrestling, New Japan Pro Wrestling and even Australian based pro wrestling companies such as Battle Championship Wrestling, PWA, IWA, AWF, may benefit with buzz, media, attendance and even sponsorships

ABC ramps up coverage on Science and Environment

The Beast wins Media Man 'Community Media' award

Succession on HBO popular series for media and fans to discuss in detail via the web

Succession commentary from media and fans - October - November 2019

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