Media Man founder and director buys Crown Limited and Virgin Blue shares

Media Man founder and director buys Crown Limited and Virgin Blue shares - 12th October 2009

Mediaman director and founder, Greg Tingle, has today purchased a modest amount of Crown Limited (CWN) and Virgin Blue Holdings Limited (VBA) shares.

Media Man director, Greg Tingle commented "We are very excited at our investment into both Crown and Virgin today. Both companies show tremendous leadership from the top down, and we have enjoyed positive dealings with the companies over the years. We think they represent the world's best in the entertainment, lifestyle and leisure sector, and our share purchase today is a real and tangible show of our support and confidence in the companies. They are weathering the world's financial storm better than most and have substantial assets and risk management across a number of business verticals, so they are not at the mercy just one business sector, be it gambling or aviation. We are very impressed and take a keen interest in both Crown Casino poker satellite events and Virgin's Virgin Games and Virgin Unite arms. Mr Branson and Mr Packer have met and we think great possibilities exist for both to collaborate to the next level. Mediaman is keen to build upon our existing history with both fine organisations".

Mediaman business arms include Casino News Media, Global Gaming Directory, Australian Casino News and Property News Media.

Mediaman do have some b2b dealings with Crown and Virgin, the details of which are commercially sensitive in nature.


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