My new book on AI and Leadership - thriving in the algorithmic age

My new book on AI and Leadership - thriving in the algorithmic age, by Mike Walsh

and response from Media Man - January 2019


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Hi Greg,

I want to share some big news with you, and also a question that has been on my mind. Artificial Intelligence is the hot topic these days, but when you look past the hype, what does it mean for the way we work—now, and in the future? How does this new age of AI, algorithms, and automation define what it takes to be a great leader?

I’ve spent the past few years travelling the world researching the problem, and what I realized was shockingly simple: We are leaving the digital age and entering an algorithmic age. Accordingly, we need an entirely new playbook for how leaders make decisions, design innovative products, manage their teams, and help their organizations reinvent themselves.

You might not think that AI and leadership are inherently related. Doesn’t the rise of AI mean fewer jobs, and in short fewer managers? But there is growing evidence that the AI revolution is going to profoundly change jobs, not take them away. New jobs will exist that never existed in the past. Old jobs will be automated or transformed beyond recognition. Teams and leaders will still exist, but they will need to embrace smart ways for working in an algorithmic age. Everything will need to change, including you.

So here is my news: I’ve written the required playbook. It’s called The Algorithmic Leader: How to be smart when machines are smarter than you, and it will be available in early March 2019.

In my travels, I came across a small but emerging group of leaders who were successfully applying the lessons of the algorithmic age and pushing the boundaries of AI in their organizations. I’ve collected their stories, and distilled them into a set of ten principles to guide leaders of all types, and organizations of all sizes, to survive and thrive in this era of unprecedented change.

I hope you enjoy the book. You can pre-order it now at 800-CEO-Read (great price!) or Amazon.

I’m grateful that some of the smartest people I know have already given me some exceptional feedback. Here’s what Brian Halligan, founder and CEO of Hubspot, had to say:

“Great companies are built on culture. Mike Walsh’s prescient vision of the algorithmic company of the future is no robot army of soulless analytics dashboards, but a living, breathing organism—a community of humans who respond to motivation beyond compensation; purpose and impact; decision-making and autonomy; location and collaboration. A worthy read.”

Thanks for your support!

Mike Walsh

Tomorrow Limited,
Universal Trade Centre,
Hong Kong,


Hi Mike

Thanks for your update.

All very interesting to me.

I currently torn (undecided and conflicted) on this A.I business. Maybe I've seen too many films like '2001: A Space Odyssey' and John Carpenter's 'They Live'.

Working in and around the news media and online publishing industries for over a decade, I've seen and experienced some of the best AND worst that hi-tech and Big-Tech has to offer. Things can go very right or very wrong with A.I.

I'm currently more in sync with the thinking and rational of the notorious"mad genius" Elon Musk who tells of some of the dangers and threats of A.I. The world is largely aware of some of the society destruction that Facebook did in it's growth and mantra of "just breaking things" (apparently including some lives) as they marched on towards a strong domination of the internet, primarily via the beast know as social media.

So Mike, I'm torn, but I'm open to learning more.

Perhaps I could cover your book and associated projects. You may recall, I'm a media and sports agent, with a background in journalism and media sales.

Thanks again for the tip off Mike, and let's keep the liaison going. Cheers.

Best Regards

Greg Tingle
Founder and Director
Media Man Int
Media Man Australia


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