Netflix vs Disney's Movies Anywhere vs Stan vs the rest of the world; Foxtel vs Fetch vs HayU

Netflix vs Disney's Movies Anywhere vs Stan vs the rest of the world; Foxtel vs Fetch vs HayU - March - April 2018

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Niche sports entertainment brands and broadcasters: WWE Network, UFC Fight Pass, AFL Pass et all; Brands becoming self broadcasters present challenges for traditional broadcasters

Australian broadcasters 9Now, 7 Plus, SBS On Demand, ABC iView up for fight says Media Man agency

Traditional Channel 31 Community TV never stood a chance, despite passionate campaigners


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Netflix lost most of its Marvel (Disney) themed content in late 2017 - early 2018

The Australian and global streaming TV - content wars are alive and well, with Netflix, Stan, 9NOW and YouTube Red dominating much of the sector. Then there's Foxtel which has been forced to dramatically reduce its pricing and revamp their offerings in the past 12 months or so. Then there's comms elephant and giant like Telstra with their Telstra TV, which is of an excellent quality by all accounts, but whose bottom line price tag may scare off most potential customers.

Netflix at a touch more then $10 a month is excellent value, and then there's Stan at $20 odd, and how can we forget the likes of the sports entertainment powerhouse's WWE Network at $12 a month or so for down under subscribers.

With Australia's population at the 24 million or so mark (who knows what it really is hey, judging by Sydney traffic and urban sprawl), there's only so many potential punters to sign up to a paid streaming service, and Australian streaming consumers are pretty well educated. They were even pretty switched on in the heyday of the Australian pay TV when we first started and selling the Optus Vision / Optus Communications package in the region of $39.99 per month, sometimes even with a Free Instillation. Bargain!

To be continued...

Marvel's Captain America gets snatched by Disney's Mickey Mouse


9 NOW 9GO!

9 NOW including their 9Go! are enjoying a stellar run in 2018. WWE's RAW, SmackDown and reality TV show Married At First Sight have smashed it out of the ballpark. Water cooler and cafe news and gossip worthy to say the last. Now part of the Australian pop culture landscape!


Stan Australia

Stan has been impressive with hit shows such as Romper Stomper and the more recent UnReal, which is originally from U.S. content creator / Lifetime



Romper Stomper


Telstra's Telstra TV is a quality offering, but could easily be seen as an expensive option


The AFL has joined the streaming game with AFL Live Pass


NRL are often perceived as always playing catch up to the AFL business model. Can the National Rugby League turn things around in 2018? The NRL enjoys strong Australian public support and gets great coverage from FOX Sports Australia, Nine's Wide World of Sports, and many others

Red Bull TV

Red Bull have significant financial resources to keep pumping out content while doing deal in the media, sports and branding sponsorship arena

Garage Entertainment. A favorite of the Australian extreme sports and surf culture tribe. Is their business model sustainable in the current streaming market?


Questions over the Spotify business model. They do not own their own content. Are their advertising revenues enough to keep them in the streaming game?


Rupert Murdoch with Son Lachlan. What media giant will secure the majority of FOX's entertainment and media assets in 2018?

XFL official website

Vince McMahon's XFL will be looking to have a major shake up on America's football industry dominated by the NFL (National Football League)


WWE's Ronda Rousey and WWE's / sometimes UFC's Brock Lesnar are major subscriber TV / PPV draws, at least for the foreseeable future.


John Cena and Roman Reigns always generated headlines, boost television numbers and the all important social media scores! Reigns is a big draw on WWE YouTube, which also had a YouTube Red channel


Mayweather vs McGregor enjoyed record breaking success with its superfight on Sho Boxing


Sports entertainment business approaching fever pitch down under in Australia; WWE, UFC others eyeing off major Australian sports stadiums; Potential sports betting opportunities; William Hill, Bet365, other sports betting giants interested to secure naming rights to Australian horse racing and motorsport tracks?

Sports news media war intensifies; Sports Illustrated vs ESPN vs TMZ Sports vs Rolling Stone et al

Shinsuke Nakamura win in WWE Royal Rumble 2018 is fan and business friendly; Shakes up sports entertainment world and keeps things interesting in vs New Japan Pro Wrestling battle says Media Man agency

Campaign Brief vs B&T vs AdNews vs Marketing Magazine: Australian media and agency publication wars alive and well

Nine wins advertising revenue race for first time in 13 years - 5th February 2018

Poker and online poker battles for industry supremacy heat's up: Poker News Daily vs on one front; World Series of Poker vs World Poker Tour vs Aussie Millions at Crown Melbourne and other start-ups

American sports, entertainment and pop culture we love; Media Man Int and Media Man Australia top picks

Japanese companies and people popular with Australians; Where does China, Korea, Macau and the rest of the Orient rank with down under Australians?

Professional wrestling expanding globally; International push on for WWE, New Japan Pro Wrestling, Progress Wrestling, U.S. and U.K. Promotions doing well to solid says Media Man agency

Nostalgia still sells; Wrestling fans call for WWE old school faction: Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Shawn Michaels, X-Pac; Paul 'Mr Wonderful' Orndorff as corporate advisor - 2017

Pro wrestling aka "sports entertainment' 3 Way Dance: WWE VS Impact Wrestling aka TNA vs New Japan Pro Wrestling

Movie trailer promotions; Good, bad or indifferent for movie goers, critiques and the business of film making

UnReal reality television feature article in progress; What's real, what's not, and what's up to your interpretation

Keeping Australian showbiz queen Joy Hruby’s community TV show Joy’s World spinning, By James Taylor - 2nd November 2015



Major online and traditional advertising, publicity and brand sponsorships available via Media Man group; Media Man Int and Media Man Australia

Advertising Agencies enjoying success working with Media Man agency for both ads and creative campaigns: Media Man Int and Media Man Australia online showcase

The vision for XFL in 2020

Media Man Australia Website Network Milestone; Websites, Social Media Expansion Into New and Niche Markets Continues

The Alice Online: New advertising, publicity and media opportunities available

Outback Australia advertising, media and publicity opportunities via Media Man Int and Media Man Australia

Australian websites for Australian based companies, brands and personalities

Australian Sports Entertainment website: Advertising, Publicity, Promotions and News Coverage Opportunities



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