Netflix's Most Binge-Worthy Series to get stuck into This Summer

Netflix's Most Binge-Worthy Series to get stuck into This Summer

If you're looking for the perfect excuse to catch a break from this summer's heat wave, crack open a cold one with your mates and binge watch these hilarious and gripping TV series, maybe in front of an industrial sized fan if you don't want to melt into your sofa. You could even pair it up with a little gaming in the background over at 666Casino.

1. The Letdown

Okay, so if you have children and especially if you've recently had a sprog, you'll find this hilariously relatable (Dad's included!) but even if you're not at that stage in life, it's comically eye-opening and can still be appreciated and enjoyed. The Aussie comedy was released in late 2017 but became a complete hit over summer and is definitely worth a watch. Being a parent can be brutal at times, especially when you have to go back to work and try (and often fail) to live up to self-imposed expectations and continue your "normal pre-baby" life. It just doesn't happen like that guys, there's puke in your hair and there's a bit of baby poop underneath your manicure. Oh wait, you don't have time for a manicure anymore. The Letdown shows the hysterical low point's parents go through and it doesn't shy away from the impact having a baby has on your body: leaking boobs, stretch marks, mum-tum, and dad bods in all their newfound glory. Alison Bell who plays the mother is also the co-creator of the show and gives a very real, very relatable performance that you won't be able to get enough of. Don't forget to try the long list of best new slot games over at 666.

2. Santa Clarita Diet

Apart from the fact the star of the show is the absolutely incredible, drop dead gorgeous Drew Barrymore, the TV show is hilarious and will have you chomping at the bit for Season 3 which is set to be release on Netflix in 2019. Don't fret though, as there are still two seasons to binge on until you get your bloody fix next year. Without giving you too much of a spoiler, the TV show follows an American family then it's unveiled that Sheila (Drew Barrymore) is a Vampire when she all of a sudden throws up a very gross fleshy red ball which resembles an organ. That's just the start of the weirdness, as Sheila doesn't have a heartbeat and had developed a sudden unquenchable craving for human blood and flesh. Join the family as they attempt to find out what's on earth is going on with Sheila in this hilarious, gory comedy adventure and you won't be short on laughs. Cara, the woman in charge of getting the 666 Casino says: "Finally a comedy that really serves up some laughs!"

3. Queer Eye

Yaassss Queen! Will be your new favourite phase, and just try and squirt your aftershave or perfume without declaring "Spray, Delay and Walk Away!" as you sashay through the sprits. Queer Eye has had a total revamp with five fresh facers that take on a new mission to make-over the lives of people in need of a life over-haul all in the name of self-love, self-acceptance and self-respect. You will be a little emotional and teary eyed at times, with the fab five challenging societies conceptions on what it is to "be a name" in the 21st century.